Observe Overview

Azion Observe products assist you in monitoring and accessing information related to your data. You can analyze it on Azion Edge Computing Platform or connect your data to third-party platforms, improving your understanding of your content, how your users are accessing it, gain insights on performance and security, making better informed decisions.

Monitor applications in real time by visualizing charts and filtering your query.

You can also use GraphQL API to query your data via API and customize your queries.

Overview of a Real-Time Metrics query flow

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Analyze logs in real time through detailed lists of variables to understand and diagnose behaviors.

You can also use GraphQL API to query your data via API, customize your queries, and create top X queries.

Overview of a Real-Time Events query flow

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Stream your data in real time to third-party platforms to help you understand and analyze your edge application’s performance and behavior and identify security threats.

Overview of Data Stream flow

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Collect navigation data by adding tags on your browser pages to understand how your content is being accessed and improve user experience.

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