How to analyze metrics on Real-Time Metrics

Your analysis using Real-Time Metrics depends on the product you choose to use and its available fields. Each product has specific fields that generate the charts providing information on access, behavior, and performance of your edge applications and related products.

Once you’ve chosen a product to view charts and conduct an analysis, you can:

  • Add filters.
  • Choose a data interval.
  • Use the Get help tags to learn more about each chart.

Real-Time Metrics provides a standard view with graphs exhibiting pre-defined fields, but you can add filters to view more specific data.

go to add filters guide

To analyse metrics:

  1. Navigate through the page to see all available charts.
  2. Hover over the points of the charts to view the specific data and time range.
  3. Zoom in and out on the chart by scrolling up and down.
  4. Use the Context menu to copy the chart’s query, export the points in a .CSV file, enable the chart’s mean line, or enable the chart’s mean lines per series.
  5. Take a look at the Variation tag to see how your data is behaving relative to the previous corresponding data interval.
  6. Copy the URL path to share the filters you’ve applied with other Azion users.