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Become an Independent Software Vendor

Azion Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that helps companies to build their solution and accelerate go-to-market and you can bring your product a few clicks away from big companies that are building solutions at the Edge.

To publish your product at Azion Marketplace, you must become an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) following the ISV Signup Process

Sign Up to Azion Marketplace

You must create your Azion Account, where you will be able to build your product and publish your SaaS product integrated with our Edge Computing Platform.

Click here to create your Azion account.

After that, you just need to reach us by filling the Azion Marketplace ISV Signup form and share your products(s) info, and we’ll guide you through the integration process.

  1. Sign up at ISV Azion Marketplace;
  2. Filling out the product(s) registration form.

About the product registration form

To have your product published on the Marketplace, you must fill out the form by clicking here . This information will be kept as a draft in our database during the integration process.

No data will be published without your final approval.

The goal is to create a low touch service for the final consumer, facilitating the understanding of your product and consequently increasing its conversion.

So the supporting content must be qualified, clear and objective. Tell us how the consumer can get more information and answer questions.

The following fields will be used to create the showcase and the page of your product in the Marketplace, with supporting content and sufficient details for the consumer to evaluate and make the decision to launch your product.

Product Name: Name of your product. This information will be displayed on the card and on the product detail page.

Product Version: Text that will detail which version of the product.

Categories: Categories to which this product fits. This product can be filtered by these categories in the home of the marketplace.

Pricing Models: Mark which business model this product will be sold on.

  • Free
  • Bring Your Own License

Headline for your product: Text area with character limit to display summary about the product. This will be the first contact that the end consumer will have about your product.

Overview of your product: Text-area to include text describing the product. Describe the purpose of your product and what use cases they propose to solve. This will be the main content about your product. You can include links to additional content, such as introductory videos, customer testimonials.

Usage of your product: Text-area to include text describing how to use the product. Describe the main features and first steps in using your product. You can include supporting content such as links to your documentation site, webinars, how-to. Include information such as a link to the End user license Agreement and Terms of Service.

Support for your product: Text-area to include text describing how to obtain support for the product. Describe your service channels.

Detailed information

You can find detailed information about Azion Marketplace at Seller Guide documentation

Didn’t find what you were looking for?? Open a support ticket.