Users Management

The Users Management functionality on Azion Console gives you tools to efficiently manage users in your account. This feature enables you to add, modify, and delete users, granting you control over who has access to your Azion Console account and its associated resources.

To add users to the account, you need to have Account Owner privilegies or have the permissions to View Users and Edit Users.

With Users Management, you can:

  • Add new users to your Azion Console account.
  • Allocate them in teams already existent.
  • Assign roles and permissions to users, distinguishing between Account Owners and non-owners.
  • Strengthen account security by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for users.
  • Remove users from your account.

In this section, you’re able to fill in the new user’s personal information.

First name: new user first name. Last name: new user last name. Timezone: select the timezone where the new user is located. Choosing the correct timezone guarantees precision when accessing data and metrics on Console. Language: English is the only language currently available on Console.

In this section, you’re able to provide the new user’s contact information.

Email: new user email address. The user will apply the provided email address as a login credential. Mobile: new user mobile number.

Here, you’re able to set security measures to the new user’s account.

Account owner: by enabling this function, the new user will be set as an Account owner. They’ll be allowed access to all configurations, including the management of solutions and all accounts.

When this function is disabled, the user will be set as a non-owner, with restricted access according to the permission settings defined in Teams.

Teams: teams have different access permissions. Thus, you must select a team to allocate non-owners, unlike account owners, who have permission to access all teams.

Non-owner access permissions depend on the permissions granted to the team they’re allocated to.

You can also allocate non-owners to more than one team, which expands the permission possibilities for the same user. See Team Permissions for more details.

Multi-Factor Authentication: this option enables/disables Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is a verification method that ensures better account security when it’s activated.