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Azion Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for customers to find, subscribe, deploy, and manage third-party software that they need to build solutions, accelerate go-to-market and run their businesses.

Customers can quickly launch software with just a few clicks, and choose software solutions in Azion Cells Package (ACP) and software as a service (SaaS) formats. Flexible pricing options include BYOL (Bring Your Own Licence), per requests, compute time, data transfer, no charge and more. Azion handles billing and payments, and charges appear on customers’ Azion bill, drastically reducing procurement time.

You can use Azion Marketplace as a buyer (subscriber), seller (provider), or both. Anyone with an Azion account can use Azion Marketplace as a buyer, and can register to become a seller. A seller can be an independent software vendor (ISV), value-added reseller, or individual who has something to offer that works with Azion products and services.

Every software product on the Azion Marketplace has been through a curation process. On the Product page, there can be one or more offerings for the product. When the seller submits a product in Azion Marketplace, they define the price of the product and the terms and conditions of use. When a consumer subscribes to a product offering, they agree to the pricing and terms and conditions set for the offer.

The product can be free to use or it can have an associated charge. The charge becomes part of the customer’s bill, and after payment, Azion Marketplace pays the seller. Products can take many forms. For example, a product can be offered as an Azion Cells Package (ACP) that is instantiated using your Azion account. The product can also be an Azion Edge Function, or a template with a preset of rules for any Azion product.

Software products can be purchased at the listed price using the ISV’s standard end user license agreement (EULA) or offered with customer pricing and EULA. Products can also be purchased under a Saving Plan with specified time or usage boundaries.

Once the product subscriptions are in place, the customer can copy the product to their Azion Edge Libraries to manage how the product is accessed and used in the customer’s organization.

Sign up with Azion Marketplace

Azion Marketplace is built for independent software vendors (ISV), value-added resellers, or individuals who have something to offer that works with Azion products and services.

To be eligible to list your product with an associated charge you must be able to receive payments from Azion, therefore meet the following requirements:

  • Your organization must be incorporated in the USA.
  • Your organization must have a USA-based bank account.

Preparing Your Product

You prepare your product for publication on Azion Marketplace by configuring your package, setting a pricing scheme (if any), determining what categories your product should show under.

You can build and run your software entirely on the Azion Edge Platform using an Azion Cells Package (ACP)-based model, or decide to run it partially on Azion by using a Software as a Service (SaaS)-based model, where users access your own control panel to make changes to the service. Your products are sold and billed through Azion Marketplace, except if the customer chose a BYOL subscription model.

To offer your product on Azion Marketplace and charge customers through Azion, your development team must integrate it with the Azion platform and Azion Marketplace Metering Service, so that users can deploy your product with minimal effort.

You can create products with a standard price list and end user license agreement (EULA), and can create private offers for individual customers with special pricing and EULAs - usually needed by large enterprises or RFPs.

Product Pricing

Your product can be offered in three different models: a Subscription-Based model, a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model and a Software free of charge model.

The following is general pricing information about products in Azion Marketplace. All pricing is based on US dollars (USD).

  • There is no service fee for Bring Your Own License (BYOL) or Software free of charge products on Azion Marketplace.
  • To deliver on our customer promise of selection, we require that all BYOL products also have a paid option. This is so that customers who don’t have existing licenses have the option to purchase and use the products.
    • For BYOL products, we realize that the online purchase of software is a departure from how some companies do business. In light of this, for the first 90 days after launch we will relax the requirement that this software is accompanied by a version available for purchase on the Azion Marketplace. During this time, the Azion Marketplace account management teams will work with you to address challenges and to determine if and how the software can be made available for purchase on the Azion Marketplace.
  • For Paid products, the seller defines the charges for using the software and Azion Marketplace collects software charges from the customer.
  • All seller’s products will incur associated Azion charges depending on the services used. These rates and fees are defined and controlled by Azion. They are displayed separately on the Azion Marketplace detail pages to help customers understand the potential cost of using the products.

A. Software free of charge

Software free of charge solutions let you run software on Azion Edge Platform while using licenses free of charge. Azion will charge customers for the Azion services costs, including with usage Software free of charge.

B. Bring Your Own License

Available for customers with current licenses purchased via other channels.

BYOL (Bring Your Own License) solutions let you run software on Azion Edge Platform while using licenses purchased directly from the seller. Azion only charges customers for the Azion services costs, giving them the flexibility to purchase and manage their own licenses.

C. Software Subscription

With the Software Subscription model you will use Azion Marketplace to charge for the usage of your product. You can choose between two different options, Pay As You Go (PAYG) or Saving Plans.

Pay As You Go

In a Pay As You Go model Azion Marketplace bills your customers based on the metering records of usage of your software and the price for that usage, established by you. It is a model with no commitment and the usage is calculated and billed monthly.

For ACP-based products, Azion Marketplace will bill your customer based on the metering records available in the Azion Edge Platform. The available metering records are:

  • Number of deployed instances
  • Number of registered users
  • Requests
  • Compute Time
  • Data Transfer

For SaaS-based products, Azion Marketplace bills your customers based on the metering reported by your SaaS applying the price list established by you.

The Azion Marketplace Metering Service requires that your software report usage every hour, recording the customer usage for the hour. If there is a failure in the transmission or receipt of metering service records, Azion will be unable to bill for such usage. You are responsible for ensuring the successful receipt of metering records.

You can use any metering records that suit your SaaS business model, regarding that you have established the price list for it and your SaaS reports the usage correctly.

Customers can use your product in a free trial for a fixed period of time in this pricing model. At the end of a free trial, customers will be auto-enrolled in the PAYG model, unless he or she cancels or opt-out previously.

Saving Plans

In a Saving Plan model the customer initiates a purchase of your software, built as an ACP or a SaaS-based product, and enters into an agreement with you. Under the agreement, the customer is entitled to a specified quantity of use of your SaaS product.

In case of overage usage by the customers, they will pay for the pay-as-you-go price.

Azion Marketplace can bill your customers upfront or by the payment schedule that you define, based on the Saving Plan between you and your customer. After that point, the customers are entitled to use your software.

For example, a customer might purchase a quantity of requests to your SaaS for a 1-month time period or for 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year time periods. For additional usage above their Saving Plans, Azion Marketplace bills your customers based on the pay-as-you-go price established by you.

The customer can initiate negotiation of the product pricing with you within a private offer. You will negotiate pricing and usage privately with the customer, and the negotiated terms start as soon as the customer accepts the deal.

Azion Marketplace Tiered Listing Fees

Listing Fees for Your Marketplace Content will be calculated on a tiered basis (“Tiered Listing Fee” or “TLF”), as determined by the value of a subscription to a product. TLF adjustments apply to all product types regardless of the deployment method. The value of each Transaction is calculated based on the dollar value of the payment being made by the subscriber of Your Marketplace Content. If the subscriber is paying for a product metered by the Azion Marketplace Metering Service, then the Transaction value will be the amount billed to the customer each month. Reductions to the Tiered Listing Fee based on increases in Transaction value will be applied on a month-by-month basis, and will not be retroactive.

A. SaaS-based Products

For SaaS-based products purchased in Azion Marketplace, the TLF calculation of the Listing Fee is based on the value and duration of the subscription. Table 1 outlines the Tiered Listing Fees that Azion Marketplace will charge for SaaS-deployed product Transactions based on the duration and dollar value of each Transaction:

Table 1 (Tiered Listing Fees for SaaS products):

Tier SaaS TLF Tiers Monthly and Annual Year 2 Year 3
1 Subscriptions under $20,000 13% 12% 11%
2 $20,001 - $99,999 11% 10% 9%
3 $100,000 - $999,999 10% 9% 8%
4 $1,000,000+ 9% 7% 6%

The dollar value tiers in the table above are calculated as follows: (i) for metered subscriptions and monthly Saving Plans the value is the amount paid by the customer each month and (ii) for annual or multi-year subscriptions the value for the entire duration of the subscription is based on the amount paid upfront by the customer at the time the customer enters into the Transaction.

Metered subscriptions, monthly Saving Plans and 1-year Saving Plans will receive the “Monthly and Annual” Tiered Listing Fee until the beginning of the second year, at which point the Tiered Listing Fee will drop to the “Year 2” value (and so on to Year 3). Multi-year purchases that are either billed up front, or on a set schedule, will receive the Listing Fee applicable to the last year of the subscription for the entire Transaction.

For example, if a customer is subscribed to a SaaS product, and pays $19,000 per month for a metered subscription, the Listing Fee will be 13% for each monthly transaction (Tier 1, Monthly rate). In month 11, the customer increases their usage and is billed $21,000, so the Listing Fee drops to 11% (Tier 2, Monthly rate). In month 13, the customer has maintained their usage and is billed ​$21000, but because the subscription has entered year 2, the Listing Fee drops to 10% (Tier 2, Year 2 rate). In month 14, the customer decreases their usage to $19,000, and the Listing Fee increases to 12% (Tier 1, Year 2 rate).

B. ACP-based Product

For Software running entirely on the Azion Edge Platform, the TLF calculation of the Listing Fee is based on the value of the subscription. Table 2 outlines the Tiered Listing Fees that Azion Marketplace will charge, based on the dollar value of each Transaction:

Table 2 (Tiered Listing Fees for software products):

Tier Software TLF Tiers Listing Fee Per Tier
1 Below $20,000 20%
2 $20,001 - $99,999 17%
3 $100,000 - $249,999 15%
4 $250,000+ 13%

For example, if a customer is billed $19,000 for use of software in 1-month, the listing fee will be 20% for that transaction (Tier 1). If in month two the customer increases usage of your software and is billed $21,000, the Listing Fee will drop to 17% for that Transaction (Tier 2).