Marketplace Seller Guide

Azion Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that offers ready-to-use edge-running software, accelerating the development workflow.

You can quickly launch your own software and easily distribute it to an audience of thousands of buyers through Azion Marketplace. To do so, you must be an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), individual software developer, or open-source community. Meet the eligibility requirements and complete the sign-up process to offer your products.

Distributing your software through Azion gives you the following advantages:

  • Being part of a curated catalog with state-of-the-art products running on the edge.
  • Easy launch processes through Azion’s platform.
  • Flexible pricing options to charge by usage.
  • Accelerated go-to-market.
  • A wider public to offer your products.

Azion MarketplaceGet to know Azion’s digital catalog.
Azion Marketplace first stepsGuide on how to access Azion Marketplace.
How to become an Independent Software VendorGuide on how to apply to be a Marketplace’s vendor.
Marketplace AgreementTerms and Conditions to distribute products through Azion Marketplace.

Marketplace customers can have two types of roles:

  • Buyer: the customer is a subscriber who uses Marketplace to install and deploy the available software.
  • Seller: the customer is a provider of ready-to-use software and uses Marketplace as a distribution channel. A seller can be an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), individual software developer, or open-source community with a product that works with Azion products and services.

Anyone with an Azion account can use Azion Marketplace as a Buyer and, subsequently, can apply to become a Seller.

Every software product available on the Azion Marketplace has undergone a curation process before being published. To start this process, you first need to become a Marketplace ISV and register the product. Then, the application will be analyzed by the Azion team.

  • Have an Azion account.
  • Complete the sign-up and approval process to become a vendor.
  • To be eligible to list your product with an associated charge, you must be able to receive payments from Azion and meet the following requirements:
    • Your organization needs to have legal status in the United States.
    • Your organization must have a United States-based bank account.

If you want to turn into a Seller, the first step is to fill in the ISV application form, provide key information about your organization, and accept the conditions on the Marketplace Agreement. Additionally, you must also fill in the product registration form and provide key details about the product intended to be published through Azion Marketplace.

After completing this process, the Azion team will analyze the ISV application and the product registration to determine if everything is compliant. The team will contact you through the email you registered to confirm the approval and explain further steps to finish your product publication in Azion Marketplace.

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Types of products to be registered

Section titled Types of products to be registered

The products can take different forms to be offered in the Azion Marketplace, including Software as a Service (SaaS) or Azion Edge Platform-based products. For example:

  • A software package that is instantiated and works with the underlying technologies of Azion’s platform.
  • An edge function that can be triggered by specific events and execute specific tasks.
  • A template with a preset of rules for any Azion product.

Azion Marketplace operates with the following business models:

  • Free model: buyers can install the product on the go, and pay only when they use it. Subject to terms of use defined.
  • Bring your own License (BYOL): buyers must bring their current license or credentials from the seller’s platform, as well as provide valid credentials to authenticate their account and connect Azion with the seller’s platform.

Azion requires that all BYOL products also have a paid option in case users who don’t have existing licenses want to purchase and use the products.

In this matter, for the first 90 days after launch, Azion will relax the requirement that this software is accompanied by a version available for purchase on the Azion Marketplace. During this time, Azion Marketplace account management teams will work with you to address challenges and to determine if and how the software can be made available for purchase on Azion Marketplace.

There is no service fee for Bring Your Own License (BYOL) or Software free of charge products to be published and hosted on Azion Marketplace. However, all seller’s products will incur associated Azion charges depending on the services used. These rates and fees are defined and controlled by Azion. Once the product subscriptions are in place, the buyer can copy the product to their Azion Edge Libraries to manage how the product is accessed and used in the buyers’s organization.

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When you submit a product to Azion Marketplace, you define the price of the product and the terms and conditions of use. When a buyer subscribes to a product offering, they agree to the pricing and terms and conditions set for it.

You can create products with:

  • A standard price list with a general end-user license agreement (EULA).
  • Private offers for individual customers with special pricing and EULAs are usually needed by large enterprises or requests for proposals (RFPs).

You can also choose between two different options: Pay As You Go or Saving Plans.

By using the Pay As You Go (PAYG) model, Azion Marketplace bills your buyers based on the metering records of usage of your software and the price for that usage, established by you. It’s a model with no commitment and the usage is calculated and billed monthly.

The available metering records in Azion Marketplace are:

  • Number of deployed instances
  • Number of registered users
  • Requests
  • Compute Time
  • Data Transfer

The Azion Marketplace Metering Service requires that your software reports usage every hour, recording the buyer usage for the hour. If there’s a failure in the transmission or receipt of metering service records, Azion will be unable to bill for such usage. You’re responsible for ensuring the successful receipt of metering records. You can use any metering records that suit your SaaS business model, regarding that you’ve established the price list for it and your SaaS reports the usage correctly.

Buyers can use your product in a free trial for a fixed period in this pricing model. At the end of the free trial, buyers will be auto-enrolled in the PAYG model, unless a given buyer cancels or opts out previously.

In a Saving Plan model, the buyer initiates a purchase of your software and agrees with you. Under the agreement, the buyer is entitled to a specified quantity of use of your product.

In case of overage usage by the buyers, they’ll pay for the pay-as-you-go price.

Azion Marketplace can bill your buyers upfront or by the payment schedule that you define, based on the Saving Plan between you and your buyer. After that point, the buyers are entitled to use your software.

For example, a buyer might purchase a quantity of requests for your product for 1-month, 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year periods. For additional usage above their savings plans, Azion Marketplace bills your buyers based on the pay-as-you-go price established by you.

The buyer can initiate negotiation of the product pricing with you within a private offer. You’ll negotiate pricing and usage privately with the buyer, and the negotiated terms start as soon as the buyer accepts the deal.

Azion Marketplace Tiered Listing Fees

Section titled Azion Marketplace Tiered Listing Fees

Listing Fees for your products will be calculated on a tiered basis (called Tiered Listing Fee or TLF), as determined by the value of a subscription to a product. Considerations in this matter:

  • TLF adjustments apply to all product types regardless of the deployment method.
  • The value of each transaction is calculated based on the dollar value of the payment being made by the buyer of your product.
  • If the buyer is paying for a product metered by the Azion Marketplace Metering Service, then the transaction value will be the amount billed to the customer each month.
  • Reductions to the Tiered Listing Fee based on increases in the transaction value will be applied on a month-by-month basis, and won’t be retroactive.

For SaaS-based products purchased in Azion Marketplace, the TLF calculation of the Listing Fee is based on the value and duration of the subscription. Table 1 outlines the Tiered Listing Fees that Azion Marketplace will charge for SaaS-deployed product transactions based on the duration and dollar value of each transaction.

Table 1 (Tiered Listing Fees for SaaS products)

Section titled Table 1 (Tiered Listing Fees for SaaS products)
TierSaaS TLF TiersMonthly and AnnualYear 2Year 3
1Subscriptions under $20,00013%12%11%
2$20,001 - $99,99911%10%9%
3$100,000 - $999,99910%9%8%

The dollar value tiers in the table above are calculated as follows:

  • For metered subscriptions and monthly Saving Plans, the value is the amount paid by the buyer each month.
  • For annual or multi-year subscriptions, the value for the entire duration of the subscription is based on the amount paid upfront by the buyer at the time the buyer enters into the transaction.

Metered subscriptions, monthly Saving Plans, and 1-year Saving Plans will receive the “Monthly and Annual” Tiered Listing Fee until the beginning of the second year, at which point the Tiered Listing Fee will drop to the “Year 2” value (and so on to Year 3). Multi-year purchases that are either billed upfront or on a set schedule, will receive the Listing Fee applicable to the last year of the subscription for the entire transaction.

For example:

  • If a buyer is subscribed to a SaaS product and pays $19,000 per month for a metered subscription, the Listing Fee will be 13% for each monthly transaction (Tier 1, Monthly rate).
  • In month 11, the customer increases their usage and is billed $21,000, so the Listing Fee drops to 11% (Tier 2, Monthly rate). In month 13, the customer has maintained their usage and is billed $21,000, but because the subscription has entered year 2, the Listing Fee drops to 10% (Tier 2, Year 2 rate).
  • In month 14, the customer decreases their usage to $19,000, and the Listing Fee increases to 12% (Tier 1, Year 2 rate).

Azion Edge Platform-based product

Section titled Azion Edge Platform-based product

For software running entirely on the Azion Edge Platform, the TLF calculation of the Listing Fee is based on the value of the subscription. Table 2 outlines the Tiered Listing Fees that Azion Marketplace will charge, based on the dollar value of each transaction.

Table 2 (Tiered Listing Fees for software products)

Section titled Table 2 (Tiered Listing Fees for software products)
TierSoftware TLF TiersListing Fee Per Tier
1Below $20,00020%
2$20,001 - $99,99917%
3$100,000 - $249,99915%

For example:

  • If a buyer is billed $19,000 for the use of software in 1-month, the listing fee will be 20% for that transaction (Tier 1).
  • If in month 2 the buyer increases usage of your software and is billed $21,000, the Listing Fee will drop to 17% for that Transaction (Tier 2).