Secure an application

Edge Firewall allows you to secure your edge applications and domains against several types of threats and attacks.

Azion provides a range of tools to configure your edge firewall:

  • Azion Console: provides a user-friendly interface to configure your edge firewall and rule sets.
  • Azion API: allows you to create, configure, and automate edge firewalls and its related modules and features.
  • Azion SDK: allows you to improve the development of your Go application.
  • Terraform: provides integration for your infrastructure with Azion using Terraform. Configurations available for main settings and edge functions instances.
  • Edge Runtime: leverages APIs for networking and data handling.

Step 1: Configure main settings

Section titled Step 1: Configure main settings

To create an edge firewall, the first step is to provide:

  • A unique and easy-to-remember name.
  • The domains you want to associate with the edge firewall.
  • The modules you want to use.
    • This is an optional step, but to fully secure your applications, it’s recommended to enable all available modules.

Optionally, you can also enable the Debug Rules feature.

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Step 2: Choose a function to instantiate

Section titled Step 2: Choose a function to instantiate

The second step is to instantiate an edge function.


Instantiating an existing edge function created for security purposes, such as the Bot Manager or Scheduled Blocking integrations, reinforces your security policies and adds another layer of protection for your applications.

The instantiation step also allows you to apply specific and customized logic to your edge functions.

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Step 3: Configure rules engine variables

Section titled Step 3: Configure rules engine variables

The final step is to configure variables on Rules Engine. Through criteria and behaviors, you configure the variables that are supposed to run to secure your applications and the logic in which they should be executed.

Edge functions and rules run in parallel. It’s recommended to use both tools to further improve and guarantee your application’s security.

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