Secure an infrastructure

Once you’ve created an edge firewall and secured your application, you can use Origin Shield to secure your infrastructure by blocking threats.

Origin Shield works as a list of IP/CIDR addresses used in Azion’s Edge, thus providing assurance of safe IPs to allow access. The list is maintained by Azion and available via Azion Console and API, but each client must create automation to guarantee their security policies are always up-to-date with the Origin Shield addresses.

To access the Origin Shield list, you must have:

Step 2. Access the list of addresses

Section titled Step 2. Access the list of addresses
  1. Access Azion Console > select Network Lists.
  2. Select Azion Origin Shield.
  3. On the List field, you can copy the IP addresses list.

Step 3. Automate new address additions

Section titled Step 3. Automate new address additions

After having access and checking the list of IP addresses provided by Origin Shield, you can create an automation with Rules Engine, ensuring your infrastructure is always protected with the most recent version of safe IPs.

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