Secure DNS

Edge DNS allows you to host your domains directly on Azion Edge Platform. By doing so, they’ll be secured with and by the same policies used on Azion’s distributed infrastructure.

Edge DNS works as an authoritative DNS server that hosts zones, records, and configurations.

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To begin hosting a domain with Edge DNS, you need to provide a name and the FQDN recorded. You’re also able to add a list of nameservers.

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You need to specify the type of record now being used with Edge DNS and configure further settings such as response value, Time-to-live (TTL) value, and desired policy.

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If you already have a domain hosted in another provider, you can migrate it to Azion with Edge DNS and associate it with edge applications and edge firewalls to guarantee your business is protected.

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Authenticate responses with DNSSEC

Section titled Authenticate responses with DNSSEC

Edge DNS also provides DNSSEC compatibility to authenticate your responses and improve your user’s experience.

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