Technical Account Manager

The Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your technical touchpoint. The TAM acts as a consultant, proactively providing strategic technical guidance to help accelerate the digital transformation and edge computing journey, and provide insights to maximize infrastructure investment (on-premises and/or in the cloud).

They also help with the use, performance, and security of the applications executed and delivered by Azion, minimizing the risks involved during deployment and updates of settings and applications. All this comes with the support of an Azion Specialist for your IT and business teams to improve the development, security, delivery, performance, reliability, observability, and cost optimization of your applications running on Azion and to keep them operationally healthy.

Customers with Mission Critical plan already have a package of up to 20 hours per month partial TAM included. It’s possible for Enterprise and Mission Critical plans to buy additional packages, providing more TAM hours, with a minimum commitment of 12 months:

PoolUp to 20 hours/month
PoolUp to 40 hours/month
NamedUp to 140 hours/month

If you have an Enterprise or Mission Critical Plan, you can request this service by contacting the Sales team or through the Customer Success team.

For more detailed information, see Azion Service Plans.