The Jamstack architecture at the edge has emerged as a game-changing paradigm, combining the power of serverless computing with the efficiency of edge locations. At its core, Jamstack, which stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup, decentralizes traditional web server functions, pushing them closer to the user. This shift not only accelerates website loading times but also enhances security and scalability.

Vulcan is a powerful, open-source tool designed to streamline the development and deployment of JavaScript applications and frameworks. This powerful framework adapter automates polyfills for Edge Computing, significantly simplifying the process of creating Workers, particularly for the Azion platform.

One of the key highlights of Vulcan is its ability to establish an intuitive and efficient protocol for facilitating the creation of presets. This makes customization and adaptation to specific project needs even more accessible, providing developers with the necessary flexibility to optimize their applications effectively and efficiently.

At Azion, you can initialize, build, secure, and deploy edge applications making use of a list of frameworks. It’s possible through the combination of Vulcan and Azion CLI, which makes the necessary adaptation for the frameworks to run as they should on the Azion Edge Platform.

The following table brings the frameworks that are adapted to the edge:

AngularHow to build with AngularAngular boilerplate
AstroHow to build with AstroAstro boilerplate
HexoHow to build with HexoHexo Boilerplate
NextHow to build with NextNext.js Static Boilerplate
ReactHow to build with ReactReact boilerplate
ViteHow to build with ViteWork in progress
VueHow to build with VueVue boilerplate
GatsbyWork in progressGatsby boilerplate
SvelteWork in progressWork in progress
EleventyWork in progressWork in progress
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