Tiered Cache

Tiered Cache is an Edge Application module that creates an additional cache layer between the edge and your origin servers, reducing latency and infrastructure costs.

When accessing your applications on Azion, your end-user accesses the edge network, where your content is cached. By enabling Tiered Cache in Edge Application, you can:

  • Cache at a second layer at the edge.
  • Keep your content cached for longer periods of time.
  • Select the best region to keep cache closer to your users.
Edge Cache moduleEdge Cache
Creating a cache settingHow to configure cache policies for Edge Application

Tiered Cache is specially designed for objects that can remain in cache for a long period of time. Thus, you can only activate it on cache policies with a TTL equal to or greater than 3 seconds, with the default TTL being 60 seconds.

Learn more about expiration settings

When you enable Tiered Cache as an extra caching layer, the edge servers of this second caching layer are hosted in the US (na-united-states) by default.

Azion also offers the option of hosting the Tiered Cache servers in Brazil (sa-brazil). To switch between regions in your edge applications, please contact the Sales team.

Whenever necessary, you can use Real-Time Purge to expire your Tiered Cache content before the expected TTL time. Remember to purge first from the tiered cache layer and only later from Edge Cache. This avoids edge feedback with outdated Tiered Cache content.

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These are the default limits:

Minimum TTL in Tiered Cache¹3 seconds
Maximum TTL in Tiered Cache2,592,000 seconds

¹ The Tiered Cache module currently doesn’t support bypass cache. You can configure a Bypass Cache rule for caching at the edge, but applications with active Tiered Cache settings will continue to keep caching in that layer for the specified minimum TTL.