Account Settings

The Account Settings page allows you to manage and customize your account’s information and security features within Azion Console. By accessing this area, you can make adjustments to your Account Profile, Address Information, and Authentication Settings, as well as initiate the process to Delete Account, if needed.

Only the Account Owner can edit Authentication Settings and delete the account.

If you want to manage your personal information, access the Your Settings page.

Account Profile

This section allows you to change the information related to the main account on Console. See more about each field next:

  • ID: your account code number on Azion.

  • Account Name (mandatory): your account name. You can modify the name as you wish.

  • Company Name: you can edit your corporate name.

The fields Company Size and Job function aren’t editable.

  • Unique identifier: unique code that identifies the legal entity, such as CNPJ, CPF, or Tax ID.

  • Billing emails: email address to receive the billing emails. You can inform one or more email addresses. Each email should be separated by a semicolon(;) and you can type up to 256 characters.

Address information

All the fields in this section are mandatory. Once you change your information in the Account Settings page, you’ll have to fill in all the mandatory fields, including Address information. Otherwise, you won’t be able to save your changes.

The address information fields are related to the billing account information:

  • Country: country of the billing account.
  • State/Region: state/region of the billing account.
  • City: city of the billing account.
  • Address: address of the billing account.
  • Postal code: postal code of the billing account.

Authentication Settings

Social Login

If you’re the Account Owner, you can enable and disable the Social Login functionality using its switch. When it’s enabled, users linked to the account can authenticate to Azion Console using the supported social networks. Otherwise, they have to log in using their email and password. Learn more about it on the Social Login page.

When you enable Social Login, it applies to all users of the account.

Once Social Login is enabled, users can access Console via Social Login on their next login.

Currently, Azion supports Social Login with GitHub and Google accounts.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides an extra level of security to protect your users’ credentials. Only the Account Owner can enable these settings.

When MFA is enabled, it’ll be mandatory for all users of the account, except the Account owner.

Learn how to set up an MFA mobile application on the Multi-Factor Authentication page.

Delete account

Azion Console allows you to delete your account.

Only the Account Owner can delete the account. If you have Account Owner privileges, you’ll see the Delete account button at the bottom of the page.

After successfully deleting your account, you’ll receive an email confirming the deletion of your account. If you want to give feedback on your experience with Azion, contact the team through this email.

Your account information is stored for future conferences.

Note: you can create a new account at any time and continue your experience with Azion.