The Billing page provides a comprehensive view of your usage-based pricing model. It’s where you see your charges based on how much you use Azion products.

When you first sign up to use Azion’s Edge Computing platform, you receive an amount in credit. After using the received credit, you have to pay as you go.

You can visit the pricing page to check prices for Azion products and services and saving plans.

When you first sign up to use Azion Edge Platform, you start for free. You get U$300 in credit to use within 365 days, which is called a trial period. Once the given amount of credit is used or the time period for use expires, you’ll be billed according to your usage.

During the sign up process, you’re not obligated to insert your credit card information. Feel free to make the best use of your credit within the time limit.

Real-Time Info and Precise Billing

Section titled Real-Time Info and Precise Billing

When comparing the data displayed on Real-Time Metrics and Azion Billing data, you may find differences.

Real-Time Metrics focuses on performance, and therefore uses an at-most-once approach, meaning data may be considered one time or may not be considered at all. Billing, on the other hand, seeks precisions, and therefore uses an exactly-once approach, meaning data is considered precisely one time. You should always consider Azion Billing data as the correct one if you encounter differences.

On average, the difference between the two is smaller than 1%.