Integration Services

Integration Services is the fastest and safest way to migrate your content, web applications, and APIs to Azion, no matter how complex and resource-intensive your infrastructure is. The team will provide the required documentation for your success using the Azion Platform.

Service PlanHoursAdditional hours available
Business5 hours/yearYes
Enterprise20 hours/yearYes
Mission Critical60 hours/yearYes

For more detailed information, see Azion Service Plans.

An Azion expert will be available to support you throughout the process via:

  1. Activation of the Azion services contracted as described in the Service Order.
  2. Gathering of technical and business requirements with the customer.
  3. Azion Console usage training.
  4. Configuration of Azion services for the customer.
  5. Review and optimization of service configurations according to customer demands during the launch.

The Azion specialist will follow an integration process consisting of the steps below:

StageCustomer ResponsibilitiesAzion Responsibilities
1. Project resource allocation, requirements gathering, training, tools, and documentation review
  • Assign the necessary resources to collaborate with the Azion Integration Team.
  • Review of technical documentation and implementation guides.
  • Internally support Azion’s guided business and technical requirements gathering by answering questions and providing information.
  • Assign an Integration specialist.
  • Schedule the project kick-off with the responsible Customer Success Manager for requirements’ gathering.
  • Perform a detailed analysis of the needs presented by the customer, extracting technical and business requirements from the descriptions presented by the customer or by analyzing the content or application.
2. Project planning
  • Confirm project schedule, implementation plan, and test plan.
  • Design functional test plan and conditions for acceptance test.
  • Identify and design the appropriate solutions for each customer’s technical or business requirements.
  • Plan implementation and testing schedules.
  • Validate functional test plan and conditions for customer acceptance test.
3. Implementation
  • Prepare the origin infrastructure to deliver the content through Azion Platform.
  • Perform the configuration in Azion Console for the customer.
  • Provide the necessary settings for testing by the customer.
  • Validate the origin settings executed by the customer for integration with Azion.
4. Tests
  • Test the content and application in the environment provided by Azion to ensure it works.
  • Obtain stakeholder acceptance for the operation of the platform as expected.
  • Test the content and application for the requirements raised during the initial phase of the project.
  • Test delivery performance and achievement of defined objectives.
5. Onboarding
  • Execute the content or application implementation for Azion Edge Platform.
  • Test the production environment, track graphics and access logs.
  • Request rollback in case of problems.
  • Observe the behavior of the production environment to identify any anomalies.
  • Support the customer with whatever is needed during the production turnaround.
  • Track the customer’s process and testing.
6. Conclusion
  • Validate the achievement of project goals.
  • Communicate the Support procedures to the team responsible for maintaining the content and application.
  • Schedule a review meeting.
  • Lead with the customer review and validation of the project’s success.
  • Review needs that weren’t raised during planning and make adjustments.
  • Review support procedures for incidents and problems in production.
  • Close project.