Azion Marketplace

Azion Marketplace is a digital catalog that makes it easy to find, test, and deploy edge-running software. With a wide range of options, you can quickly deploy new edge applications based on templates or use integrations to improve, compose, or customize your applications.

As a digital catalog, it allows developers to implement a solution that meets their requirements, providing resources that can be used both inside and outside the Azion Edge Platform.

Additionally, Azion Marketplace provides a way for Azion to easily distribute the templates and integrations developed by the team, as well as allowing Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), software developers, and open-source communities to distribute software to an audience of thousands of buyers.

Azion Marketplace offers several advantages:

  • Wide range of options: the available catalog covers different use cases and functionalities, such as security, performance, databases, artificial intelligence, and more.
  • Streamlined deployment and management: in a few steps, you can discover, deploy, and configure templates or integrations that can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure.
  • Time and effort optimization: by deploying ready-to-use code, you save time and effort. Additionally, you can easily scale your applications and services across a global network of edge servers, without requiring extensive manual setup.
  • Improved performance and user experience: by leveraging Azion’s network, applications using Marketplace ready-to-use resources benefit from reduced latency and faster response times.
  • Enhanced security: Azion offers products and services to protect your digital assets and mitigate threats, including bot management, validation, tokens, DDoS protection, web application firewalls, and more.

Azion Marketplace first stepsGuide on how to access Azion Marketplace.
Azion TemplatesReference to deepen the basics of Azion Templates, how they work, and how you can start using them.
Azion IntegrationsReference to deepen the basics of Azion Integrations, how they work, and how you can start using them.
Azion Marketplace’s permissionsReference to learn about required permissions for some templates and integrations.
Marketplace Sellers GuideCheck the basics for ISVs who want to have their applications integrated and distributed via Azion Marketplace.

Azion Marketplace provides options to speed up your workflow: from development and deployment to management and monitoring. This includes pre-built templates to deploy a new project from scratch and integrations to increase the capabilities of your applications and services.

By accessing Azion Console, you find the ideal option to attend to your needs. You can select it, complete the setup, and deploy it.

Azion Templates are pre-built and pre-configured projects designed to quickly create and deploy new edge applications attending to a variety of use cases.

go to templates reference
go to start with a template guide

Azion Integrations allow you to improve, compose, or customize your applications, adding new functionalities and capabilities. These integrations are based on edge functions that can be triggered by specific events and execute specific tasks.

In Azion Marketplace, you’ll find integrations that run edge functions in two ways: by using Edge Firewall or by using Edge Application. The Edge Firewall functions are focused on network security, authentication, and traffic control, while Edge Application functions are best fit to process data or run services on the edge, closer to the user.

Check Azion’s guides page for more details on the installation for type of integration.

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Each solution may have different configurations and dependencies to be installed and for them to work adequately. To find out how to configure a specific solution and be able to install it successfully, go to the Azion’s guides page and select the guide related to the solution you want to use.

In order to use Marketplace properly, some templates and integrations will need permissions or comply to certain requirements. This happens because they could have have semi-auto installations or work with third-party integrations. To understand more about the permissions, you can visit the Marketplace Permissions documentation page.

Azion Marketplace operates with the following business models:

  • Free model: launch the solution on the go, and pay only when you use it. Subject to terms of use.
  • Bring your own License (BYOL): bring your current license or credentials from external providers.

Check the Get help page if you’re having any problems installing and using any Marketplace solution.