Do more for less

Azion provides smart pricing on innovation and its purpose-built servers, switches, protocols and technology stacks. With Azion, you only have to pay when you use a service. At times of low usage, your costs also go down. Find out more about our pricing system below.

  • Free tier

    Get free, hands-on experience with the Azion Edge platform products and services.

  • Pay-as-you-go

    Adapt your Business to your needs, reduce the risk of over-positioning or insufficient capacity.

  • Save when you reserve

    By paying all up-front, you will receive the greatest discount, maximizing your savings from using Azion products and services.

  • Pay less by using more

    With Azion, you can get volume-based discounts and proportional savings as your usage increases.


Learn how to Build scalable, reliable and secure applications and APIs at the Edge, free from other operations.

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