Tiered Cache

Boost Global Performance with Cost Savings through Tiered Cache

Tiered Cache

How It Works

Enable Tiered Cache add-on in your edge applications; select the region that suits your needs—closer to your origin for efficiency, or to users for speed.

Leverage Azion's edge network, featuring over 100 locations. Edge nodes will first connect to the selected Tiered Cache, reducing the need to access the origin directly.

Experience enhanced performance and enjoy cost savings by observing your Tiered Cache results: more content offloaded, less origin traffic.

top use cases

Learn how you can benefit from our platform.

Global Content Delivery

Minimize latency and boost speed, enhancing worldwide user experiences and content reach.

E-commerce Scalability

Keep online stores swift during peak sales by distributing traffic, preventing slow loads and sales drop-offs.

Data Analytics Acceleration

Enable faster real-time insights by caching large datasets at the edge, speeding up analytics and decision-making.

Media Streaming Efficiency

Offer buffer-free music and video streaming with smart caching during high-demand periods for a seamless viewer experience.

SaaS Application Performance

Enhance the responsiveness of SaaS applications by caching common requests and assets to reduce user attrition.

Reduce Cloud DTO Costs

Minimize the cost of Data Transfer Out (DTO) with your cloud provider by offloading more content from cache.

Trusted by market leaders across banking, e-commerce, tech, and other industries.

  • Improved Performance

    Leveraging a tiered cache architecture optimizes content delivery, significantly reducing latency and accelerating access speeds.

  • Scalability

    Ensure consistent support for traffic peaks, maintaining stability and reliability during high-volume periods.

  • Cost Efficiency

    By decreasing the need for origin server requests, Tiered Cache reduces bandwidth costs and server load.

  • Regional Caching

    Enhances user experience through faster content delivery by caching content closer to users in specific regions.

”Tiered Cache elevates the customer experience for NZN, a leading digital content producer in Brazil.”

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