Edge Storage

Store and retrieve objects from anywhere with low latency. No vendor lock-in with S3-compliant API

Top use cases

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Static website hosting

Power up your website performance. Host static sites seamlessly with blazing fast load times and reliability.

Jamstack websites

Unlock the ability to build high-performance, secure, and scalable websites. Enable fast and efficient content delivery for an exceptional user experience with the versatility of optimized storage.

Edge-native applications

Unleash the potential of edge-native applications. Achieve low-latency data access and responsive experiences for global users.

Store unstructured data

Leverage the versatility of Azion's Edge Storage for unstructured data. Easily store and access data with limitless scalability and flexibility.

Rich media

Elevate your media experience. Deliver high-quality images and video for a captivating user journey.

Backup and recovery

Future-proof your data. Ensure robust backup and fast recovery to protect your critical information from unforeseen events.

Trusted by market leaders in banking, e-commerce, technology, and other industries.

  • No more egress charges

    Say goodbye to unexpected costs. Eliminate egress charges, enjoy cost predictability, and keep your data transfers on budget.

  • Avoid vendor lock-in with our S3-compatible API

    Free up your data strategy with our S3-compliant API. Keep control and flexibility by avoiding vendor lock-in. Open standards ensure your freedom.

  • Scalability beyond limits

    Seamlessly adjust your storage capacity. Scale up and down without limits, ensuring that storage meets your business needs.

  • Serverless architecture

    Securely and persistently store assets such as images and files, facilitating the creation of responsive and data-rich applications. No more worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

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