Edge Pulse

Monitor the user experience of accessing your applications and improve network availability and performance.


Get real user monitoring (RUM) data from accessing of your applications.

Monitor how resource demands impact the user experience.

Probe network performance and availability and help to improve the delivery of content to your users.

Key Features and Benefits

Collect access performance data

Get granular visibility into how end-users perceive your application performance. With Edge Pulse, you will be able to view the time taken in each stage of the content delivery, from DNS Lookup and content transfer to page loading and rendering in the browser.

Improve your end-user experience

Edge Pulse uses performance data from the last mile to improve user experience and content delivery.

Evaluate your application performance

Monitor third-party resources and track how images and scripts are affecting your application’s performance.

Use Cases

Continuously monitor your content

Monitor in real-time the user experience after the launch of features, migrations, and application improvements.

Identify how your users access your content and customize your applications to improve your results on every device.

Track resource efficiency

Measure the availability and performance of your applications’ third-party resources and develop strategies to mitigate any negative impact.

For Efficiency, use alongside others

Combine Edge Pulse with other products on Azion's platform to create additional solutions and gain better insights for your business and infrastructure.

Docs, Training and Support

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