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Edge Pulse Edge Pulse

Monitor the user experience when accessing your applications and improve network availability and performance.

Edge Pulse

What you can do

Identify how your users access your content and customize your applications to improve your results on every device.

  • Renner
  • Loja do Mecânico
  • Panvel
  • VTEX
  • Magalu
  • NZN
  • Get real user monitoring (RUM) data from the accessing of your applications.

  • Monitor how resource demands impact the user experience.

  • Probe network performance and availability and help to improve the delivery of content to your users.

Enterprise-grade open edge platform

Edge Pulse

Docs, Training and Support

  • Essential Concepts

    Walk through the essential concepts of Azion Edge Pulse.

    Read more
  • First Steps

    Log into Real-Time Manager and start building your Edge Applications now.

    Read more
  • How to codes & Tutorials

    Check out our how-to guides and tutorials that take you through the fundamentals to the most complex tasks.

    Read more
  • Library of Code Samples

    Visit our library of code samples on GitHub to help get you started.

    Read more
Explore our full documentation page here

Free tier

When you register with Azion, you get $ 300 in credit to use within 12 months; so that you can use it to try out Azion's products. Your consumption is calculated periodically and discounted from your credit on account. You must register a credit card to continue using the products once you have used up all the credit or it has expired.


Our dynamic contract model, adapts to your company's needs. So you pay according to how much you use Azion's products and services, without committing to any minimum use or contract term.

Terms of Service

Learn more about billing methods and other provisions related to using and contracting Edge Pulse by visiting our terms of service.