DDoS Protection

Mitigate the largest and most complex network and application-layer DDoS attacks.


Build a security perimeter around your content, web applications and origin infrastructure, powered by our 100% SLA.

Protect against sophisticated and continually evolving network and application-layer attacks.

Choose the right protection level for your business needs.

Protect against expensive and reputation-damaging data breaches.

Count on Azion's Security Response team to fight against complex attacks.

Provides the reliability and performance you expect during large-size attacks.

Built on top of Azion's multi-layer security platform to provide state of the art protection for network and application layer threats.

Key Features and Benefits

Mitigate sophisticated and evolving multi-layer attacks

Azion's DDoS Protection relies on our globally distributed network and security expertise to provide the intelligence and capacity you need to mitigate even the largest and most complex attacks, whether they’re network-layer or application-layer.

Monitor and react to potential threats in real-time

Protecting against DDoS attacks requires continuous monitoring and highly specialized expertise. Our Real-Time Analytics, Data Streaming, and Big Data services allow you to track threats in real-time. You can use your own Big Data solution or SIEM to gain even more insights into potential threats and create automated incident responses with our API.

Built on top of Azion's multi-layer security platform for best-in-class protection

The state of the art protection for network and application layer threats. We continually update our platform to keep track of evolving threats so you can rest easier.

Improved reliability during large-size attacks

Azion's DDoS Protection is controlled by our SDN Router to ensure customer isolation for added security. Our best-in-class routing algorithms help maintain network performance and overcome complex network and application layer attacks.

Choose between our Standard or Managed DDoS protection plans

Our Standard DDoS Protection plan is an always-on service and offers a free 5Gbps protection that continuously inspects incoming traffic for malicious activity. The service can be used in conjunction with our WAF and Edge Firewall modules to mitigate multi-layer attacks. For a greater level of protection for mission-critical services, our Managed DDoS Protection plans range from 20Gbps to unlimited size attacks and leverage on customized rules for more sophisticated attacks, cost protection and more.

Infrastructure Protection add-on

Allows you to protect your own infrastructure (ASN) against DDoS attacks using BGP and can be activated during an attack or always remain on (always-on). To ensure security against application layer attacks, in addition to the Azion WAF we also suggest using Azion Edge Firewall with Origin Shield to ensure that access to your infrastructure is always done through Azion.

Azion's Security Response Team

With Mission-Critical Support and Azion's Managed DDoS Protection you have access to our Security Response Team (SRT) before, during or after an attack. The SRT will support you in incident screening, root cause analysis and will take action to mitigate complex attacks on your behalf.

Expand with other Azion Edge Application modules

When you create your Edge Application with Azion, you can use any of our edge modules such as Caching, Application Acceleration, Edge Functions, and DDoS Protection to reduce development time while delivering extraordinary scalability, performance and security.

Use Cases

Build an effective security perimeter

Mitigate sophisticated network and application-layer attacks

Eliminate service downtime caused by attacks

Provides powerful APIs and DevOps tools for automating operations

Count on Azion's Security Response team to fight against complex attacks

Create, grow and retain audience

Ensures the best possible user experience even while under attack

Provides the reliability you need, powered by Azion's multi-layer security

Drive positive customer satisfaction and repeat usage

Prevent damage to brand reputation by ensuring data security

Satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements

Meet any compliance or regulatory requirements for cloud-based DDoS protection

Build your incidence response runbooks and reduce risk

Avoid service disruption or data breaches that can bring lasting damage to reputation

Maintain ability to scale content and application delivery under heavy attacks

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