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DDoS Protection Unmetered

Mitigate the largest and most complex network and application-layer DDoS attacks, without bandwidth limitations.

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Key Benefits

Trusted by security experts across banking, e-commerce, tech, and other industries.

  • Advanced Mitigation
    Full network and application-layer DDoS protection against evolving, multi-layered attacks.
  • Automatically Tuned
    Azion's software-defined network will instantly detect and block bad traffic, backed by our 100% SLA guarantee.
  • Flexibility
    Protection for your websites, applications and networks wherever they are hosted: multi-cloud, on-premises or hybrid.
  • Rapid Response
    Mission-critical support and expertise before, during and after an attack..
Top Use Cases
Ensure Business Continuity

Keep your applications, content, and origin infrastructure available, powered by our 100% SLA.

Maintain Great Customer Experiences

Mitigate large-scale attacks, with no impact to your customer experience.

Protect Brand Image and Company Reputation

Guard against sophisticated, multi-layer attacks timed by attackers aiming for maximum damage.

Success Story

Azion guarantees availability for the Brazilian omnichannel bank and its 1M+ customers by protecting it from multi-layer DDoS attacks




Preventing hundreds of thousands of attacks registered monthly, in an industry heavily targeted by cybercrime; Reducing unplanned outages, which generate costs and cause damage to the company's image. Implemented DDoS Protection to secure internal and customer-facing web applications; Integrated Data Streaming with existing analytics solutions to monitor and mitigate threats in real-time. 100% availability maintained, even during high-volume, network and application-layer DDoS attacks; Real-time threat intelligence, which enables SecOps to prevent fraud and protect customer data; Increased observability, enabling teams to rapidly detect fraud and other threats, including BGP hijacking.

Accelerate your application modernization now.