Edge KV

Leverage your data in the fastest, most scalable and secure way with our serverless Key-Value Store at the edge

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Design scalable software solutions

Build applications designed for massive scale. With support for metadata and user content caching, you'll be able to handle simultaneous connections from millions of users and process millions of requests per second.

Edge-based real-time insights

Store and process data in real time at the edge for insights into fraud detection, traffic monitoring, customer behavior analysis, and more.

Global counters and analytics

Empower your business to make data-driven decisions quickly and effectively with Azion Edge KV. Whether it's counting website visits, tracking product inventory, or monitoring API usage, you can maintain accurate counting and analytics across distributed edge locations.

IoT data at the edge

Improve the efficiency of IoT applications. Store and manage data from IoT devices such as sensors and actuators. Data can be processed at the edge without sending it to the cloud.

API rate limiting and security

Protect your APIs and applications from abuse and ensure fair usage. Deploy API usage quotas, rate limits, and access control rules right at the edge. This distributed enforcement helps to prevent unauthorized access, throttle requests from abusive users, and strengthen the security of your services.

Trusted by market leaders in banking, e-commerce, technology, and other industries.

  • Global accessibility with low latency

    No matter where your users are, your data is just a heartbeat away. Less than 30ms to reach any of our 100+ edge locations worldwide.

  • Boost your development performance

    Flexibility to store and manage your data for your application needs, performing a wide range of operations to simplify your work and improve your development performance.

  • Serverless architecture

    Focus on your business, not infrastructure management. Azion's serverless Edge KV handles scaling, updates, and maintenance in the background. Your team is free to innovate and code.

  • Cost effective

    Optimize costs and maintain flawless performance during traffic spikes with a pay-per-use billing model.

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