Real-Time Metrics

Powerful insights into your applications performance, availability and security in real-time.


Real-time insights into what is happening with your content and applications.

Dozens of metrics to help you optimize your applications and infrastructure.

Integrate our Metrics with your favorite tools and respond to events in real-time.

Arrive at critical decisions faster based on real-time data.

Provides your DevOps team the transparency they need for troubleshooting.

Key Features and Benefits

Real-time Metrics for operations

See what is happening with your applications performance, reliability and security in real-time. See how your different origins (e.g Cloud A vs Cloud B) are performing and take smarter decisions.

Metrics that will help you optimize your content and infrastructure

Metrics around success, error, data saved, data offloaded and many more will help you see how your applications are behaving in real-time and will help diagnose issues with your infrastructure or code.

Straightforward troubleshooting

Provides your DevOps team the transparency they need when serving content and applications. Troubleshoot connectivity issues, highlight applications that require performance tuning and identify the root causes behind service disruptions.

Use your favorite and familiar tools

Access your metrics data on Azion Real-time Manager or use our APIs to connect it to your preferred tools.

You don't always need to know what you're looking for

With Azion's interactive visualizations, start with a question and see where it leads you. Gain unexpected operations insights in real-time.

Use Cases

Integrate platform data into operations

Real-time access to what is happening with your content and applications to guide your operations decision

Continuous monitoring gives DevOps teams the visibility they need on new deployments

Leverage data in combination with services such as Load Balancer to optimize infrastructure performance

Automate operations with Azion API

Automate your operations with real-time insights into the Azion Platform and how your content and applications are behaving

Respond to specific behaviors with alerts or configuration updates

Track application behavior and correlate with security threats to take action

Quickly validate whether security or other Edge Application deployments are acceptable or not

Troubleshooting with excellence

Provides the transparency your team needs for troubleshooting with excellence

Analyze platform, network and application behaviors with in-depth real-time data

Highlight performance, security and availability issues

Docs, Training and Support

Essential Concepts

Walk through the essential concepts of Azion Real-time Metrics.

First Steps

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How to codes & Tutorials

Check out our how-to guides and tutorials that take you through the fundamentals to the most complex tasks.

Library of Code Samples

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