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Real-Time Metrics

Seamless insights with powerful real-time visualization into your application's performance, availability and security.

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Real-Time Metrics

How it Works


One click and done!

One click and done!

Powerful visualization updated in real time at your disposal.

Powerful visualization updated in real time at your disposal.
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Key Benefits

Trusted by security experts across banking, e-commerce, tech, and other industries.

  • Easy Visualization
    Ready-built tools offer turnkey insights in no time.
  • Real-Time Troubleshooting
    Transparency helps your DevOps team during troubleshooting.
  • Bird's Eye Views
    Long-term data monitoring helps you easily identify trends and build insights.
  • Content and Application Transparency
    Real-time insight provides a high-level view into what is happening with your content and applications.
Top Use Cases
Maximize Website Efficiency

Visualize key metrics of website performance.

Identify Problem Spots

Quickly identify errors and take preventive measures.

Automate Analytics

Migrate data for further analysis with the use of APIs.

Visualize Threads and Attacks

Quickly ascertain threat and attack data to keep customers secure.

Monitor Azion Applications

Obtain single-pane-of-glass visualization on your Azion ecosystem.


Accelerate your application modernization now.