Edge Application

Edge Application allows you to build your web applications to run on Azion Edge Platform.

Edge Application

How it works

Azion uses a reverse proxy architecture through which your users connect to the Edge Nodes of our highly distributed global network.

Configure your cache. Content located on Azion's Edge Nodes can be delivered directly to your users from our nearest node.

Enable network, compute and security modules for your edge application to ensure high performance, scalability and security.

add-on capabilities

Turbocharge your edge application by enabling any or all of our advanced features.


Edge Functions

Build discrete programmable logic into your web applications at the edge, closer to your users and devices.


Edge Cache

Enable an additional layer of caching that reduces traffic to your origin while improving performance and availability.


Load Balancer

Balance traffic to your origins assuring best- in-class reliability and network congestion control.


Image Processor

Optimize, convert and manipulate your images just-in-time to enhance the user experience.


Application Accelerator

Speed up the performance of your applications and APIs with protocol optimizations and advanced caching rules.

Top Use Cases

Learn how you can benefit from our platform.

Build a Zero-Trust security model at the edge

Protect your application from sophisticated attacks, such as BGP Hijacking and DDoS.

Deliver serverless applications from the edge

Provide a personalized experience for all customers.

Create edge websites

Process directly on our Edge Nodes without having to access any origin infrastructure.

Accelerate delivery

Deliver high-resolution video streaming content to your application by caching it closer to your users.

Trusted by market leaders in banking, e-commerce, technology, and other industries.

  • Faster delivery

    Avoid unnecessary requests to origin servers and leverage our distributed edge network to reduce latency and mitigate network bottlenecks.

  • Scalable and secure

    Build more powerful web applications that can handle large access peaks with high performance and security for your users.

  • Proximity and coverage

    Leverage an enterprise-grade, open, extensible, and developer-friendly global edge computing platform that is close to your users.

  • Infrastructure cost savings

    Instantly scale content delivery globally, even during peak traffic periods, and reduce the cost, time, and risk of managing infrastructure.

”Azion accelerates content delivery for Brazil's largest entertainment company.”

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