Bot Management

Minimize fraud, enhance uptime, and boost visibility into applications and APIs

Solution overview

Proactively safeguard applications and APIs from automated bot attacks

As more businesses progressively operate online, the risk from bots has escalated, making bot management a crucial component of cybersecurity. By adopting a robust strategy, businesses can detect, categorize, and neutralize malicious bots while allowing beneficial ones to operate. This approach enhances user experience, maintains site integrity, and secures sensitive business and customer data.

Why Choose Azion's Bot Management?

Reduce financial risk

  • Protecting your website and applications against a variety of attacks.
  • Avoiding credential abuse, card balance verification, and other forms of online fraud.
  • Avoiding legal fees and permanent damage to your company's image due to invasions and data breaches.

Boost your reliability and resilience

  • Reducing the impact of bots on applications and the entire infrastructure.
  • Providing extensive bot protection through collective intelligence.
  • Analyzing every request and acting preventively according to predefined, customizable rules.

Increase application and API observability

  • Analyzing the amount and characteristics of bots trying to access your website, APIs, and applications.
  • Using the observability tools provided by Azion to monitor malicious activity.
  • Combine with other integrations from the Marketplace to enhance the efficiency of Bot Management.
Solution architectures

Learn More About Bot Management Through Examples of Architectures

Safeguard web applications and APIs with Azion's advanced WAAP solution against OWASP Top 10 and zero-day threats.

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