Image Processor

Just-in-time image optimization and manipulation to enhance the user experience.


Dramatically improve the loading time of your pages while reducing delivery costs.

No loss of visual quality, yet image size is reduced 80% on average.

Improve user retention and sales conversions by improving site speed.

Automatically resize, crop or apply filters to your images at any scale without having to manage infrastructure.

Easily integrated with your own origin or Azion's Cloud Storage.

Integrated with our global edge-caching for simplifying image delivery.

Key Features and Benefits

Simple and effective image workflow

Automates your image optimization workflow by simply applying a rule to your Edge Applications. Azion will detect your user's browser settings and deliver the best possible image format for each user.

Dramatically improved page load time

Experience dramatically improved page load time. Eliminate latency and get your images delivered lightning-fast. Images are highly optimized for any device, anywhere.

Scale with performance

Serve any number of requests without having to worry about provisioning or managing infrastructure. Azion's Image Processor automatically scales based on the size of the workload and is designed to provide consistent performance, from the first request to the last.

Build content rich websites

Image-heavy pages are a problem of the past as our image optimization and edge caching techniques enable you to serve pages with a large number of images quickly and efficiently.

Advanced rules for improved results

When a request for an image arrives, you can apply query strings to automatically resize, adjust quality, trim or crop as needed.

Reduce network costs

Drastically reduce network costs by optimizing your images at an average of 80% smaller file size. You can also use Azion Cloud Storage to store one master image, generating new optimal images on demand, if and when users need it.

Use Cases

Improve image delivery

Reliable and consistent experiences across devices serving the right image format (e.g WebP) from Azion's edge network

Apply visual computing algorithms for lossless compression

Instantly serve your optimized imagery to your users anywhere

Deploy service in 2 minutes

Simplify image workflow & scale

Automate your image workflow with features to resize, cut and apply filters

Helps your image delivery to scale and meet peak demand

Reduce abandonment and increase customer satisfaction

Relieve bandwidth costs by reducing traffic on average of 80%

Reduce the load on your origin infrastructure, especially during peak demand periods

Create, grow and retain audience

Ensures the best possible user experience

Well-positioned content for reduced latency in cellular networks

Drive positive customer satisfaction and repeat usage

Keep your content fresh and engaging with real-time purge

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