Real-Time Events

Explore the data generated by applications using our complex query engine in real time.

Real-Time Events

How it works

Choose what data you are looking for, hit "Search", and that's it.

The data is populated and updated in real time, providing a deep view into your application or content.

With our powerful GraphQL APIs, you can explore a wealth of information and unlock the full potential of your application's data. Plus, our Grafana plugin makes it easy to connect and further expand your analytics capabilities.

Top use cases

Learn how you can benefit from our platform.

Your Azion screen

Collect data from different sources and monitor application behavior.

Empower your company's technical support team

Give your team the ability to quickly troubleshoot, identify errors, and take preventative measures.

Validate your applications

Create complex queries and get real-time data about application functionality.

Trusted by market leaders in banking, e-commerce, technology, and other industries.

  • Easy insights

    Ready-built tools provide turnkey data queries in no time.

  • Application transparency

    Real-time visibility so you know what is happening with your content and applications.

  • Microscopic observability

    A detailed view of your data can be processed through complex queries to home in on what you looking for.

  • Real-time troubleshooting

    Transparency gives your DevOps team the visibility they need to troubleshoot.

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