Real-Time Events

Explore the data generated by your applications on Azion and perform complex queries to track what is happening in your applications in real time.


Troubleshoot your applications through a friendly and intuitive interface.

Consult data from different sources and monitor your application’s behavior.

Save complex queries and explore the application data.

View your application’s events in real time and track their history for up to 7 days.

Key Features and Benefits

Real-time analysis

Real-Time Events provides real-time data from your Edge Computing Platform, allowing you to understand the application behavior and analyze optimization opportunities.

Advanced queries

Combine fields and perform advanced queries to analyze the events generated by the platform.

Many data sources

Get access to data from the subscribed platform modules. Available for Edge Application, WAF, Edge Pulse, and Data Streaming events.

Use Cases

Identify problems in real time

Instantly track events in your applications and provide the necessary data for your team to allow them to anticipate problems.

Monitor the security of your applications

Create queries to monitor the effectiveness of the system to block attacks against your applications.

Optimize your applications

Optimize the efficiency of your applications by combining the data generated by the Azion's platform.

Docs, Training and Support

Essential Concepts

Walk through the essential concepts of Azion Real-Time Events.

First Steps

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How to codes & Tutorials

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Library of Code Samples

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