Web Application Firewall

Secure your web application from OWASP TOP 10 threats to complex zero-day attacks.


Trusted by security experts across banking, e-commerce, media and other industries.

There is no need to choose security over performance. Get both-with Azion.

Rely on Azion's multi-layer security to protect against the most advanced threats.

Protect against OWASP Top 10 threats and zero-day application-layer threats.

Customize your rule set to meet compliance requirements.

Monitor threats in real-time with Azion's Real-time Analytics and Data Streaming.

Integrate into your CI/CD workflow to quickly validate whether your deployments are acceptable or not.

Key Features and Benefits

Score every HTTP/HTTPS request for best-in-class security

Every HTTP/HTTPS request is compared to a highly customizable set of blocking rules and receives a score based on the requirements scoring methodology. Based on the score received, it will either be released or directly blocked in our edge servers before the threat can reach your web application. You decide on the right level of sensitivity for each threat family.

Protect against the OWASP Top 10 web application attacks

The Azion WAF protects against the OWASP Top 10, in addition to critical application-layer attacks such as malicious inputs injection attacks, CRLF and many more. Our WAF also uses heuristic algorithms to protect your applications from new and evolving threats.

Customize your rule set

There is no one size fits all security solution. Azion's WAF allows you to customize your own rule set for each Edge Application or criteria and behavior you wish to protect. Meet your organization's compliance requirements by setting your own rules.

Improved reliability during large-size attacks

Azion's WAF is controlled by our SDN Router to ensure customer isolation for added security. Our best-in-class routing algorithms help maintain network performance and overcome complex network and application layer attacks.

Insert legitimate application behavior into a whitelist

Avoid false positives and blocking valid requests by inserting legitimate application behavior into a whitelist. You can override any default Azion security rule with your own whitelisting policies.

Track potential threats in real-time

Our Real-Time Analytics, Data Streaming and Big Data services allow you to track threats in real-time. You can use your own Big Data solution or SIEM to gain even more insight into potential threats and create automated incident responses with our API.

Expand with other Azion Edge Application modules

When you create your Edge Application with Azion, you can use any of our edge modules such as Caching, Application Acceleration, Edge Functions, and DDoS Protection to reduce development time.

Use Cases

Improves web application security

Secure any type of web application such as e-commerce, CMS or online banking

Provides powerful APIs and DevOps tools for automating operations

Build highly customized rules with real-time configuration updates

Provides security while improving performance

Runs at the edge of the network and improves web application performance during complex attacks

Provides security and reliability even under complex and demanding attacks

Ensures web application scalability to meet peak demand

Create, grow and retain audience

Ensures the best possible user experience even while under attack

Provides the reliability you need, powered by Azion's multi-layer security

Drive positive customer satisfaction and repeat usage

Influence brand perception to sustain brand awareness

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