Live Streaming Delivery

Maximum performance and security in live and on-demand streaming

Solution overview

Transform Live Streaming Delivery with Edge Computing

Edge computing revolutionizes live streaming delivery, providing superior performance, reliability, and security on a global scale. By leveraging edge computing technologies, content providers can overcome the limitations of traditional content delivery networks (CDNs) and transform their streaming infrastructure into a competitive differentiator, delivering exceptional user experiences to audiences worldwide.

Why Choose Azion's Live Streaming Delivery?

High-performance streaming

  • Minimize latency for seamless, real-time viewing experiences.
  • Optimize delivery with edge locations closer to users.
  • Ensure high availability during peak traffic periods

Reliable and scalable infrastructure

  • Ensure high uptime and availability during traffic spikes.
  • Reduce disruptions with a globally distributed edge network.
  • Handle high request volumes without compromising performance.

Robust security and content protection

  • Protect content from unauthorized access using secure tokens
  • Enforce granular access control policies at the edge
  • Mitigate and protect against unmetered DDoS attacks
Solution architectures

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Boost live streaming delivery and experience high performance, security, and scalability with Azion

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