Edge SQL

Discover a true serverless SQL database that combines the agility of serverless with the performance and reliability of edge computing.

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Powerful big data analytics

Store and analyze large amounts of data with Azion Edge SQL. Discover valuable insights, identify trends, and make informed decisions efficiently.

Resilience and high availability

For financial systems or any mission-critical application, downtime can result in significant financial loss or customer dissatisfaction. Azion Edge SQL is designed to handle failures gracefully.

Smart and real-Time IoT

Power IoT with our Edge SQL database. Collect and process data locally for real-time industrial, healthcare, and security monitoring with low latency and without relying on unstable connections.

Simplified microservices

Serverless architectures often include microservices. The Azion Edge SQL database can serve multiple microservices, ensuring consistency and simplifying the data layer.

Trusted by market leaders in banking, e-commerce, technology, and other industries.

  • Distributed architecture

    Improve your data's reliability. Your single logical database is intelligently deployed across multiple physical nodes, ensuring its availability in any circumstances.

  • ACID transactions

    The integrity of your data is always unshakable. Our serverless SQL database provides atomicity, consistency, serializable isolation, and persistent data storage, even as your operations scale to new heights.

  • Automatic elastic scale

    Serverless architecture gives you the freedom to build your applications and databases without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Optimal performance and cost-efficiency are guaranteed.

  • Break boundaries with data

    Take your data on a global journey. Our SQL database doesn't just handle data, it expands geographically. Your data moves effortlessly across borders, ensuring that your business can serve customers around the world with precision and speed.

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