Load Balancer

Balance the load to your origin and improve the reliability and availability of your content, applications and APIs.


Balance traffic to your origins servers, data centers or cloud providers, avoiding network congestion and server overload.

Guarantee the availability of your content and applications even in the event of incidents with your source servers.

Choose from load balancing algorithms such as round robin, least connections and IP hash.

Define content-aware routing decisions to intelligently balance HTTP and HTTPS requests.

Multi-layer load balancing to maintain control for consistent session stickiness behaviors.

Reduce the overhead of maintaining your own load balancers.

Key Features and Benefits

Guarantee the availability of your content, web applications and APIs

Azion load balances traffic across multiple servers and/or routes traffic to the nearest geographic location on our edge network to ensure high levels of availability to your content, applications and APIs. Expanding on Azion's next-gen CDN services, the Load Balancer achieves high levels of fault tolerance and performance even in the event of server failure and during periods of peak congestion.

Balance traffic to your origin, data center or cloud provider

Using Azion Load Balancer, you can balance traffic to the best available infrastructure, whether that is your servers, data center or cloud provider. Reduce your dependency on a single cloud vendor or create a site failover plan; either way, Load Balancer is the tool for the job.

Intelligently balance traffic using multiple algorithms

The Azion Load Balancer offers multiple distribution algorithms to select the best load balancing method for your servers, including round robin, least connections and IP hash for sticky sessions. This allows you to customize timeouts and error handling.

Content-aware routing decisions to intelligently balance HTTP and HTTPS requests

Granular content-aware routing decisions allow Azion to balance HTTP and HTTPS requests to your servers, and distribute loads to the correct infrastructure.

Deploy the custom rules you need

We allow you to customize as many rules as you require. This means you can intelligently route traffic deploying a range of different request characteristics, including the type of device, cookies, client location, URL path, and HTTP headers.

Expand with other Azion Edge Application modules

When you create your Edge Application with Azion, you can use any of our edge modules such as Caching, Application Acceleration, Edge Functions, and DDoS Protection to reduce development time.

Use Cases

Improve content and web application reliability

Balance traffic to the best available infrastructure

Provides high availability under complex failures

Influence brand perception to increase lead generation and brand awareness

Reduce abandonment and increase customer satisfaction

Accelerate content and web application delivery while routing around congestion and outages

Scale while reducing costs

Ensures content and web application scalability to meet peak demand

Allows you to create multi-origin strategies (e.g multi-cloud or multi-datacenter)

Relieve costs on any size deployment

Simple to configure and manage

Keep your origin infrastructure fresh with real-time configuration updates

Create, grow and retain audience

Ensures the best possible user experience

Distributed load balancing at the edge of the network

Drive positive customer satisfaction and repeat usage

Achieve granular control of how requests are distributed among various origin data center balancing scenarios

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