Load Balancer

Balance loads on your servers and across cloud providers to boost the reliability and availability of your content, applications and APIs

Load Balancer

How it works

Traffic loads are effectively distributed across multiple servers, providing scalability and high performance.

Load balancing also adds fault tolerance because it protects against server failures. But what if load balancing fails?

1. Distributed 2. No single points of failure 3. Frees you from vendor lock-in

top use cases

Learn how you can benefit from our platform.

Improve customer experience

Deliver a consistent, high-quality user experience every time, no matter where users are.

Handle the surge

Distribute peak website traffic during a large event to improve scalability and ensure uptime.

Trusted by market leaders in banking, e-commerce, technology, and other industries.

  • Guaranteed availability

    Guaranteed availability for your content and applications, even if there are issues with your source servers.

  • Distributed infrastructure

    Close to your customers, providing a highly distributed infrastructure that is fast and fault tolerant.

  • Real-time observability and automated response

    Balanced traffic avoids network congestion and server overload, providing a low-latency, jitter-free customer experience.

  • No vendor lock-in

    It can be used with multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises, with any vendor you choose.

”Azion accelerates content delivery for Brazil's largest entertainment company.”

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