Omelete creates dozens of Edge Applications on the Azion platform to accelerate content delivery and broadcast mega events to geeks worldwide

With Azion, Omelete&CO delivers live content, news and events to millions of people





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Edge Application


  • bring the most respected pop culture content on the Brazilian Internet at high speed to fans all over Brazil;
  • ensure full availability for online delivery of events organized by Omelete, such as CCXP (Comic Con Experience);
  • improve the performance of the group's sites in regions with hostile network conditions and low speeds Internet connectivity;
  • build an attractive ecosystem for fans and advertisers through improved content loading and excellent search engine positioning;
  • ensure 100% uptime for Omelete's application, making content available at all times, even in the midst of adverse scenarios; and
  • decentralize the processing of requests to the site through advanced technology.


  • more than 75 Edge Applications built to improve Omelete's performance in all regions of Brazil;
  • billions of requests delivered at the edge, dramatically reducing the consumption of cloud resources;
  • success with the broadcast of CCXP 2020, the first 100% digital edition of the largest pop culture festival in the world;
  • 100% availability of Omelete applications, executed in more than 30 Azion Edge Locations in Brazil; and
  • high-speed standards for group sites for fans everywhere, regardless of the end device.


Brazil’s largest entertainment company, Omelete (or Omelete&CO group), disseminates pop culture to millions of geeks across the country with successful projects, such as CCXP and Game XP, and has the challenge of providing ever more fantastic performance experiences to an engaged audience, since:

  • speed is one of the requirements for great user experiences[1];
  • 61% share their user experiences with friends[2]; and
  • 49% of Internet users abandon their favorite brands when they have a bad experience[3]

In Brazil, the risks are even greater, as the quality of the Internet is still precarious in several places and traditional solutions are not able to provide the speed that Omelete and its millions of unique visitors want.

These obstacles are even greater when considering the barriers imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, which led Omelete to organize its biggest event of the year, the Comic Con Experience (CCXP), in an unprecedented way: 100% digital.

By choosing Azion, Omelete not only migrated the service to an edge platform with more than 30 edge locations in Brazil, but had at its disposal the know-how to increase the performance of its applications and provide users with the best experience.


Studies predict that 78% of people in Latin America will connect to the mobile Internet by 2023[4]. Therefore, it is essential that Omelete is always close to the millions of geeks that follow its content, which will be driven by 5G experiences.

On Azion’s Edge Platform, which processes requests on the closest and best-performing server available, Omelete executes its code in a serverless environment and optimizes applications using edge-native tools, such as:

  • Image Processor: allows Omelete to optimize and manipulate images from its websites in real time without impairing visual quality;
  • Application Acceleration: enables high-speed access to the group’s websites, even from unstable networks, by optimizing protocols and building advanced request and response rules; and
  • Edge Cache: speeds up the delivery of Omelete’s content by keeping it cached on the edge, closer to users.

In addition to the jump in performance obtained by Omelete with the Azion Platform, the creation of edge applications helped the group to reduce costs with its cloud provider by drastically decreasing the delivery of requests from the originating infrastructure.

Results and impacts

In 2019, more than 70 Omelete’s edge applications processed billions of requests, with only 15% of them reaching the cloud provider. The rest were delivered through Azion’s Edge using serverless architecture.

Altogether, Omelete&CO evolved its ecosystem in several areas, optimizing everything from website staging processes and live events to sections of the Omelete Store and other official group stores, which are protected by Azion’s WAF against fraud and complex attacks.

With 100% availability throughout Brazil, Omelete&CO’s applications are protected by the Azion Edge Computing Platform’s multilayer security and Edge Firewall modules, which help by:

  • automatically blocking access to the Tor network using Azion Network Lists;
  • mitigating DDoS attacks that put service availability at risk; and
  • enabling the creation of Edge Applications, which are protected against zero-day attacks.

In addition, Omelete’s reduced latency and processing time, among other positive indices, help the Brazilian pop culture brand to consolidate its top position in search engines. Are you researching the new Batman movie or reviews of the series you just followed? The results point to the Omelete!

Success with the transmission of the first all-digital CCXP

CCXP is the largest pop culture festival on the planet. In six years, the event brought together more than 1 million people, more than 120 film, series and TV artists, and more than 120 thousand comic artists and illustrators. However, in 2020, for the first time in its history, CCXP was 100% digital.

There were more than 150 hours of unpublished content and more than 1000 artists in one place, and the broadcast reached 113 countries, with support, sponsorship and partnerships on several fronts. With that, Azion’s mission was providing scalability, availability and performance to Omelete’s applications.

Result: Edge Application contributed to Omelete improving the user experience 15x with the delivery of static content from CCXP Worlds, and with more than 10 TB of images loaded on the edge, without impacting the source infrastructure and the costs that demand could generate.

In addition, the number of requests during the event, which was around 100x greater than the average volume received by Omelete’s servers in 2020 and 1000x higher in terms of data transferred, had a significant percentage served at the edge, reaching high performance levels and availability at all times.

With tens of Azion Edge Locations around the world, Omelete made the most of the investment in publicizing the event, which involved news in the mainstream media that, in itself, generated thousands of hits per minute, and was prepared to stay online in the midst of any scenarios.

“The experience with Azion’s technical support was a pleasant surprise. Before, we had the vision of Azion as a service that works very well, but the speed in meeting requests, even outside business hours, and all the monitoring effort made during CCXP showed us how much the company is a partner.”

Jota Russo, Technical Lead at Omelete

About Omelete

Omelete&CO is the owner of highly successful projects among the geek audience, including Omelete, a portal for news and reviews focused on entertainment; and CCXP (Comic-Con Experience) and Game XP, two events that have already brought together millions of fans of famous franchises and entertainment celebrities. Founded more than 18 years ago simply as Omelet, the company’s starting point was to act in the areas of media and content creation, producing everything from journalistic materials to authentic short films, and has evolved to the point of organizing events that engage a massive audience. Nowadays, Omelete is not only the largest and most relevant pop culture brand in Brazil, but also the largest journalistic editorial in the categories of Movies, Series & TV, HQ & Books and Music, with a reach that exceeded 15 million fans in 2019 and includes influencers that appear on the list of the bestselling products in Brazil.

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