Edge Cache

Turbocharge delivery by caching content at the edge of the network, closer to your users.

Edge Cache

How it works

Set up Edge Application where users connect to the edge nodes of our highly distributed global network.

Add any special cache configurations and rules to expand the way the content is delivered to your users, or turn on tiered distribution to add another layer of cache.

Observe the speed of delivery of all your content using our edge network.

top use cases

Learn how you can benefit from our platform.

Enhance user experience

Serve your assets distributed across nodes.

Control bandwidth

Reduce the number of trips to the origin with delivery at the edge.

Focus on local audiences

Store content that is relevant to local audiences

Absorb traffic spikes

Distribute requests across the edge to absorb traffic spikes.

Elevate your SEO

Gain rapid page loading, enabling frequent crawls and indexing.

Trusted by market leaders across banking, e-commerce, tech, and other industries.

  • Ultra-fast content delivery

    Reduced origin requests and content stored on the edge to shorten last-mile delivery.

  • Scalability for peak demand

    Rapid scaling for large audiences and unexpected demand peaks across the world.

  • Guaranteed delivery and uptime

    Improved delivery quality and reliability on Azion's edge network, backed by our SLA.

  • Resilient and self-healing

    Self-healing algorithms that render fast delivery regardless of network connections.

”Edge Caching elevates the customer experience for NZN, a leading digital content producer in Brazil.”

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