Network Layer Protection

A programmable security perimeter for inbound and outbound traffic at the edge.

Network Layer Protection

How it works

Start by setting up your edge application and edge firewall (<10 min) and enabling the Network Layer Protection module.

Create network lists based on user location, ASN, individual hosts, IPs, or lists maintained by Azion, such as the outbound addresses of Tor networks.

A globally distributed network of state-of-the-art edge nodes monitor, block or rate limit inbound and outbound traffic based your configured network lists.

top use cases

Learn how you can benefit from our platform.

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Enforce network lists

Protect your applications against Tor networks

Stop account takeovers

Set rate limits to limit excessive login attempts from brute force or credential stuffing

Stop abusive users or attackers

Create watch lists and tag events to monitor the user's behavior

Protect your origin

Hide origin servers from the open Internet to keep your apps safe and performant

Avoid bandwidth costs

Reduce bandwidth costs by eliminating undesired traffic spikes or attacks

Trusted by market leaders across banking, e-commerce, tech, and other industries.

  • Advanced mitigation

    Full protection for your applications, content and infrastructure with network lists, rate limiting, and origin shield.

  • Flexibility

    Protect your applications, APIs and networks - wherever they are hosted - multi-cloud, on-premises or hybrid.

  • Granular control

    Create block lists based on networks (ASN), IP/CIDR, country or automatically updated lists, which include Tor networks.

  • High resiliency

    Automatically-tuned, software-defined network routes bad traffic away, backed by our 100% SLA.

  • Rapid response

    Mission-critical support and expertise before, during and after an attack.

  • Lower bandwidth costs

    Block bad traffic at the edge - without having to scale up bandwidth.

  • Observability and automation

    Define responses and gain valuable insights into specific URLs of websites, applications, or API endpoints.

”Azion guarantees availability for the Brazilian omnichannel bank and its 1M+ customers by protecting it from multi-layer DDoS attacks.”

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