Edge Computing Network Layer Protection

A programmable security perimeter at the edge of the network for inbound and outbound traffic.

Network Layer Protection

What you can do

Azion’s Network Layer Protection lets you create lists based on the network, user location, or ASN, or use automatically updated lists such as the Tor network. As a result, you can block and monitor suspicious behavior, or apply restrictions such as a rate limit.

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  • Banco_Renner
  • Contabilizei
  • Lendico
  • Magalu
  • Submarino
  • Build a security perimeter around your content, web applications, and origin infrastructure.

  • Protect against expensive or reputation-damaging data breaches.

  • Stop abusive users or attackers with intelligent rules, including network blocking, rate limiting, and more.

  • Maintain the reliability and performance you expect during large-scale attacks.

  • Create Network Lists and use them to block, allow, or monitor, based on the user's network or location.

  • Create watch lists and tag events to monitor the user's behavior.

  • Protect your applications against Tor networks.

  • Limit application access rate to prevent brute force attacks.

Enterprise-grade open edge platform

Network Layer Protection

Docs, Training and Support

  • Essential Concepts

    Walk through the essential concepts of Azion Network Layer Protection.

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  • First Steps

    Log into Real-Time Manager and start building your Edge Applications now.

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  • How to codes & Tutorials

    Check out our how-to guides and tutorials that take you through the fundamentals to the most complex tasks.

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  • Library of Code Samples

    Visit our library of code samples on GitHub to help get you started.

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Free tier

When you register with Azion, you get $ 300 in credit to use within 90 days; so that you can use it to try out Azion's products. Your consumption is calculated periodically and discounted from your credit on account. You must register a credit card to continue using the products once you have used up all the credit or it has expired.


Our dynamic contract model, adapts to your company's needs. So you pay according to how much you use Azion's products and services, without committing to any minimum use or contract term.

You will be charged based on product usage according to the metrics below.


This is the total sum of requests for your domains with the Network Layer Protection module enabled.

Requests (per 10,000) United States Canada Europe Brazil Latam
First 1 billion requests/month $ 0.005 $ 0.005 $ 0.005 $ 0.010 $ 0.018
Next 4 billion requests/month $ 0.004 $ 0.004 $ 0.004 $ 0.009 $ 0.016
Next 15 billion requests/month $ 0.004 $ 0.004 $ 0.004 $ 0.007 $ 0.016
Over 20 billion requests/month $ 0.003 $ 0.003 $ 0.003 $ 0.005 $ 0.009
  • Pricing Example

    If your applications received 3 billion requests from the United States in 1 month, the price will be calculated as follows:

    • The first billion requests will be priced at $ 0.005 for every 10,000 requests. Thus, (1,000,000,000 / 10,000) x $ 0.005

      $ 500

    • The next 2 billion requests will be priced at $ 0.004. Thus, (2,000,000,000 / 10,000) x $ 0.004

      $ 800

Origin Shield

This is an additional level of protection that lets you hide your point of origin from the public internet, preventing direct attacks.

It is an optional item, available to Network Layer Protection subscribers at a monthly cost of $ 2,500.

Terms of Service

Learn more about billing methods and other provisions related to using and contracting Network Layer Protection by visiting our terms of service.