Protect Your Edge Applications with a Bot Management Solution

Azion bots management solution utilizes machine learning to analyze request behaviors and intentions, distinguishing between humans and various bot categories. Upon analysis, each request is scored and classified, allowing for the execution of predefined preventive actions based on customer-set thresholds. This dynamic approach is enhanced by continuous data analysis, enabling the refinement of detection rules for improved efficiency and security. This solution ensures seamless user experiences while effectively countering malicious bot activity.

This solution is ideal for organizations looking to mitigate security risks, prevent fraud, ensure fair access to legitimate users, improve the overall user experience, and enhance website performance by reducing unnecessary and malicious traffic.

Bot Management Architecture Diagram

Section titled Bot Management Architecture Diagram

Architecture diagram

  1. A request reaches Azion Edge Platform.
  2. Edge Firewall processes the request and executes the Bot Manager. It starts all the analytics processes:
    • Retrieving the requested data, including device, browser, and network data, among others.
    • Identifying and classifying the request according to the intent-based behavioral analysis.
  3. Bot Manager assigns a score and classifies the request.
  4. According to the request intent classification, the predefined preventive action is executed, including allow, deny, drop, redirect, custom_html, random_delay, and hold_connection.
  5. Data reaches the edge application, where Rules Engine decides: generate content immediately or route flow to Origin Application for a response.
  6. Activity can be observed through Real-Time Events or by using a Data Stream connector to feed event logs into your stream processing, SIEM, and big data platforms.

You can test and implement Azion Bot Manager in two ways: