Activity History

On Real-Time Manager (RTM), you can access the Activity History associated with your account. This feature provides insights into the actions carried out within your account by all connected users.

Once you open the page, you’ll see the history from the most recent to the oldest activity of the account. In the search field, you can filter the results by activity performed or by a user, for example.

The Activity History helps you:

  • Obtain a clear view of when specific actions were done and identify the users responsible for them.
  • Enhance user accountability by maintaining a transparent record of account activities.
  • Address any anomalies or discrepancies by tracing recent account actions.
  • Make decisions based on a clear understanding of recent account interactions.

Integration with Data Streaming

Section titled Integration with Data Streaming

You can also stream your Activity History logs by using them as a data source in Data Streaming. Find out more in the Data Streaming page.

The Activity History page displays results for the last 30 days. To view logs from previous dates, contact the Support team.