Automate security with Azion Edge Functions

Edge Functions and Edge Firewall

Section titled Edge Functions and Edge Firewall

Edge Functions are functions that run on the Azion Edge Computing Platform with low latency, bringing the operational power closer to the end user.

Through Edge Functions, you can write your own security source code in JavaScript and deploy it to run at the edge of the network, allowing you to:

  • Boost your protection
  • Have more dynamism
  • Apply the logic that your business requires
  • Use APIs to manipulate request and response headers
  • Implement logic based on network lists

Develop edge functions for protection

Section titled Develop edge functions for protection

The Azion Edge Functions for the firewall run in the request phase, and respect the following process:

  1. The rules configured on the Edge Firewall Rules Engine for the function to run are triggered.
  2. Azion Edge Runtime processes the function, returning an outcome.
  3. Edge Firewall Rules Engine resumes the processing, based on the outcome, from the point the behavior was triggered.
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Azion Edge Runtime supports a list of APIs that allow manipulation of metadata and the use of network lists to help the logic implementation.

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The Metadata API enables access to a set of metadata that can be manipulated to:

  • Filter and manage access to your application
  • Apply specific logic in different scenarios based on GeoIP
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Azion Network List Interface allows matching an IP address against a specific network list. If the IP address informed is within the network list, it returns true and the desired implementation logic can go on based on that information.

The IPs listed inside network lists can be used to handle:

  • Allowlists
  • Blocklists
  • Greylists
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