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Social Login

Social Login is an option of single sign-on that uses existing information from a social network to log in to third-party sites without the need to create a new login account for that particular site. It links accounts from one or more social networking services to a site, simplifying end users’ logins and providing increasingly reliable information.

Social Login provides a number of advantages, such as:

  • Pre-validated email.
  • Agility in the access process.
  • Ease of use for mobile devices.
  • Simple and faster user registration process by eliminating the manual sign-up process.

In addition, it helps prevent users from providing false data or forgetting their login information.

To find out more about signing up to Azion with Social Login, visit the creating an account page.

Enabling and disabling Social Login

As an Account Owner, you can enable and disable the Social Login functionality. When it’s enabled, users linked to the account can authenticate to Real-Time Manager using the supported social networks. When it’s disabled, users have to authenticate to Real-Time Manager (RTM) using their email and password.

To enable the use of Social Login for all users linked to an account, make sure you are an Account Owner and proceed as follows:

  1. Access Real-Time Manager.
  2. Click the Account menu on the top right corner.
  3. Select Account Settings.
  4. Under Authentication Settings, enable the Social login switch.

    When you enable this item, Social Login will be enabled for all users of the account.

  5. Click the Save button to finish the process.

Once Social Login is enabled, users will be able to access Real-Time Manager via Social Login on their next login.

Currently, Azion supports Social Login with GitHub and Google accounts.

To disable this setting, follow the steps above again, disable the Social login switch, and click the Save button.

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