The Azion Build products are your starting point for utilizing the power of edge computing in your applications.

Edge Application allows you to build applications closer to end users, offering low latency processing at the edge.

When you build an edge application, you determine the origin of your content and configure the domain that’ll be used to deliver your application to end users.

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Through the reverse proxy architecture, the edge processes user requests and maintains cached data, decentralizing object storage and optimizing the rates and efficiency of data transfer. This scalability allows you to adapt to increasing traffic demands without overloading your infrastructure, also reducing maintenance costs.

Overview of a request/response through Edge Application

When a user requests content from your edge application, their browser converts the requested domain into a pre-set IP address via DNS resolution.

The request is directed to an edge node, where it’s processed. At this stage, in addition to security and observability customizations, the edge node processes the request and executes configuration procedures, such as behaviors and cache directives.

Any cached content at the edge gets delivered directly in the response to the user. Following this, the system can apply load balancing algorithms to distribute requests across multiple origins.

After the mediation by the Azion Edge Platform, the request reaches its origin that responds back. The edge once again processes this response before delivering it to the user.

After deploying your application, you can observe metrics related to your edge application’s data, such as access, data transfers, bandwidth, and requests.