How to update an integration

The integrations included within the Marketplace aren’t static. Azion and Azion’s partners can update them when they launch new features. Thus, the recommendation is to always have the most updated integration version.

This documentation will guide you on how to check the availability of an update and how to proceed to install the last version of an integration.

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Checking the availability of an update

Section titled Checking the availability of an update

To make sure that you’re running the latest version of an integration:

  1. Access Azion Console and go to Marketplace.
  2. On Marketplace’s homepage, select the integration you want to check.

If you have any pending updates, the button Get New Version will appear enabled and orange-colored in the bottom-right side of the page and you’ll need to update the integration.

If the button is disabled and gray-colored, your integration is running with the lastest version.

By clicking the Get New Version button, you’ll download the integration’s latest version.

A message informing you the integration has been successfully updated will appear. Afterward, you can view all your integrations in your Edge Functions list.

About your control over the version

Section titled About your control over the version

When you update a integration in Azion Marketplace, it won’t overwrite the version of the integration you’re currently running on your edge application. This occurs to give you control over the version you want to use with your application.

For instance, you could test a new version of an integration with a different edge application. So, when the new version has passed through your validation process, on your edge application, you can select it to run. To do so, change the integration version on the functions dropdown menu of your edge application.

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