Application Accelerator

Application Accelerator is an Edge Application module that speeds up web applications and APIs through protocol optimizations and manages dynamic content requirements.

With Application Accelerator, you can:

  • Create advanced rules in Rules Engine for the request and response phases.
  • Customize cache policies for dynamic content based on cookies or query strings through the Advanced Cache Key.
  • Enable support and cache of HTTP methods for your edge application.
  • Customize CDN cache TTL to values under 60 seconds.
Available cache settingsCache Settings
Creating a cache settingHow to configure cache policies for Edge Application
Configuring Rules EngineCreating Request and Response rules using Rules Engine for Edge Application
Configuring Advanced Cache KeyHow to configure Advanced Cache Key for Edge Application

By default, Azion considers each URL as a distinct object in cache. The Advanced Cache Key feature allows you to create advanced cache rules based on two options: Cache by Query Strings and Cache by Cookies. If needed, you can use both options simultaneously to define the content segmentation of your application.

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Application Accelerator enables new options and configurations in Rules Engine, allowing you to customize your application’s business rules. See the full list of variables and list of behaviors to know more.

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You can expand the supported HTTP methods beyond the native GET and HEAD methods for your edge applications. By enabling this feature, you’ll gain the ability to utilize the OPTIONS, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE HTTP methods in your applications.

By default, Azion’s Edge Cache is configured to cache only GET and HEAD requests. However, by enabling this module, you have the option to extend caching to include POST and OPTIONS requests as well. This allows you to optimize the performance and efficiency of your applications, especially for frequently accessed or data-intensive endpoints that use these HTTP methods.

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These are the default limits:

Minimum cache TTL0 seconds
Maximum cache TTL31,536,000 seconds