Automate security with Azion Terraform provider

Azion Terraform Provider is a robust tool that integrates seamlessly with Terraform, the industry-leading Infrastructure as Code (IaC) platform.

In modern web, security is key. Terraform addresses this concern by codifying infrastructure. This approach allows security configurations to be defined, versioned, and audited in tandem with application code, ensuring uniformity across different environments and significantly reducing the risk of misconfigurations.

One of the primary benefits of Terraform is its automation capabilities. It simplifies repetitive tasks, thereby reducing the likelihood of human error and accelerating deployment processes. By codifying infrastructure, Terraform enables the use of reusable modules and templates. This not only boosts efficiency but also ensures the consistent application of security measures throughout the infrastructure lifecycle.

Azion Terraform Provider and security

Section titled Azion Terraform Provider and security
ScopeResourceData source
Edge Firewall Main SettingsManaging main settingsConsulting main settings
Edge Firewall Edge Functions InstancesManaging edge functions instancesConsulting edge functions instances
Network listManaging network listsConsulting network lists
WAF Rules setManaging WAF rules setConsulting WAF rules set
Edge DNS ZonesManaging zonesConsulting zones
Edge DNS RecordsManaging recordsConsulting records