Managed Configurations

The Managed Configurations service provides management and control over your Azion edge infrastructure. This service employs the expertise of a team of experienced engineers to tackle certain day-to-day tasks on your behalf, such as configuring and maintaining your configurations.

The Managed Configuration service is operated by solution architects, who are responsible for implementing configuration changes requested by you, as the Azion customer. To request the Managed Configuration service for applications running on Azion, open a Support Ticket.

The table below outlines the products and features included, as well as the major configurations under the scope of Managed Configurations.

Products and featuresConfigurations
Edge Application
Application Accelerator
Edge Cache
Edge Functions
Image Processor
Load Balancer
Tiered Cache
Manage modules
Manage configurations related to modules
Change edge application settings
Change cache settings
Change functions
Change error responses
Change rules
Change origins
Digital CertificatesInstall certificates
Renew certificates
Configure and parametrize exceptions
Real-Time PurgePurge edge cache
Purge Tiered cache
DomainsChange domain settings
Edge Firewall
Network Layer Protection
Web Application Firewall
Network Lists
Change firewall settings
Change WAF policy configurations
Create custom WAF rules
Create custom network lists
Define the settings for geo blocking
Edge DNSCreate zones
Manage records
Edge Orchestrator
Edge Services
Edge Nodes
Manage edge services
Change edge node settings
Data StreamCreate streams
Manage streams
Real-Time MetricsRetrieve data
Real-Time EventsProvide data logs

  • Technical support: all technical support tickets must be opened through Azion’s official support channels and will be assigned to the appropriate team.
  • Support to other providers: this service doesn’t provide support to any infrastructure and applications that aren’t running on Azion or through Azion Marketplace integrations provided by third-party vendors.
  • Mitigate workload failures or DDoS attacks: the Security Response Team provides the service to mitigate workload failures and DDoS attacks.
  • Security audits: this service doesn’t perform security audits. Azion provides compliance support for Azion’s products, such as SOC 2/3, PCI, FIPS 140 Level 3, and Edge Network Custom Maps.
  • Manage end-user devices: this service doesn’t manage end-user devices, such as laptops, desktops, or smartphones.