Get started with Azion API

This documentation will guide you on the first steps of using the Azion API.

The Azion API is a RESTful API based on HTTPS requests, that allows users to fully interact with Azion products through API requests. The complete Azion API collection is on Postman.

Go to Azion API documentation

Most API endpoints have the main HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE) so you can create, read, update, and delete Azion configuration instances. All changes made through the API are reflected on Azion Console.

To run Azion API requests you need:

Azion API documentation offers code examples to make requests with the terminal, using the curl command, or to automate them with programming languages.

Postman offers HTTPS request snippets for many programming languages.

Navigate to the Example Request to change from curl to another desired programming language.

You may also clone the collection and make requests using Postman by clicking the Run in Postman button.