How to open a Support Ticket

At Azion, you can rely on a specialized support team whenever you need to ask questions, send suggestions, or report any issues that have occurred while using Azion products.

When contacting support, your ticket will follow a service flow according to the type of activity and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) you’ve contracted.

To create a ticket, you first need to access the Support Center. You have two options to access it:

  1. Access Support Center.
  2. To authenticate yourself, choose an option:
    • Click on Are you a customer? Login here.
    • On the header, click on Login.
  1. Access Azion Console.
  2. On the header, click Help > Contact Support.

After you log in to your Azion account, you’ll be redirected to the Submit a ticket page. Click + New support ticket to the right of the search field and fill in the field as follows:

Requester*This field is automatically filled in with your Azion login email.
Product*Select the Azion product from the list. You can choose one product per ticket.
Subject*Add a title that describes your problem to identify your ticket.
Type*Select the reason for opening the ticket:

  • Incident: to report an incident.
  • Question: to clarify your question.
  • Request: to make a specific request; for example, request a new integration or feature.
Description*Detail your needs in this field. Include as much information as possible about your incident, question, or request to assist agents in understanding how best to support you.
+ Attach a file
Add a file to help describe your ticket. It’s recommended to use JPEG, PNG, or PDF file extensions.
Phone numberEnter the phone number of the individual responsible for discussing the reported problem.
Allow contact by phoneEnable this check box if you wish to be contacted via the provided phone number, in case Azion agents find it necessary for the case.

* These fields are required.

After filling in the form, click the Submit button to register your ticket. You’ll receive a confirmation email.

If you click the Cancel option, you’ll return to the Tickets homepage and any edits you made to the form will be discarded.

Details to add in your ticket’s description

Section titled Details to add in your ticket’s description

To speed up your ticket service, it can be helpful to provide a few specific details when opening your ticket. This way, the Support team will be able to better understand what’s happening and resolve the issue faster.

Add the following information to your ticket’s description:

  • Provide the URL of the settings on the Azion platform experiencing issues.
  • Describe the expected behavior and what is incorrect.
  • Specify the conditions under which the problem occurs, such as which browser, application, operating system, internet service provider, and type of internet connection is being used.
  • Outline step-by-step instructions for the Support team to replicate the issue.
  • Include your UUID value. To obtain it, ensure you’re using the problematic device and visit Copy the value displayed in the UUID field.

If you’ve already opened a ticket and want to check on its status, follow the next steps:

  1. Access Support Center or log in to Azion Console and click Help > Contact Support.
  2. On the Support Center homepage, click on the Tickets tab > Check ticket status. You’ll access a page with your Open or Pending tickets.
  3. Optionally, you can filter your tickets by:
    • Clicking on Open or Pending and selecting between All Tickets, Open or Pending, or Resolved or Closed.
    • Clicking on Sorted by and selecting between Date Created, Last Modified, Status, Ascending, or Descending.

Watch a tutorial on how to open and check your tickets on Azion’s YouTube channel: