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Technical Support


Here at Azion, you can count on a specialized support team whenever you need to send queries, suggestions or report on any issues that have occurred while using our products.

When contacting support, your ticket will follow a service flow according to the type of activity, the severity level and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) you have contracted.

See below how to request assistance.

  1. The Tickets Menu
  2. Opening a Ticket
  3. Checking on Open Tickets

1. The Tickets Menu

To get started, learn about all the options on the Tickets screen.

On the top menu, you will find the following functions:

  1. New support ticket: click on this option to create your support ticket.
  2. Check ticket status: this option displays your service status.
  3. Phone number: refers to the contact number to reach the support team.

The first time you enter Support, the Tickets screen displays the Submit a Ticket menu, which is detailed in Opening a Ticket.

After creating your support ticket, you can choose how your tickets are displayed through these options:

  1. Open or Pending: All Tickets; Open or Pending; Resolved or Closed.
  2. Sorted by Date: Date Created; Last Modified; Status. Ascending; Descending.
  3. You don’t have any tickets in current view: this message will appear the first time you register a ticket.

Next, follow the step-by-step guide to using Azion responsive support tool.

2. Opening a Ticket

Follow these steps to open a ticket.

  1. Log into the Real-Time Manager. From the top menu, click on the question mark icon (?) and select the Support option from the dropdown menu.

  2. On the Tickets screen, click on the New support ticket option. In the Submit a Ticket section, you will find useful links to test Azion system status, in Check the System Status, as well as to access this documentation, in Useful information.

    At first, you see a guide with questions to help you include all the necessary information when describing the problem.

  3. Fill in the fields or choose the appropriate option as follows.

Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Field Description
Subject* Add a title, so as to identify your ticket
Severity* General Guidance
System Impaired
Production System Impaired
Production System Down
Business-critical System Down

See the description of each of the severity levels as follows.
Type* Choose the reason for the service:

- Incident: to report an incident.
- Question: to clarify your doubts.
- Request: to make a specific request; for example, about a new integration or features.
Description* Describe your needs. Be sure to answer the question guide to speed up your service.
Attach a file
We recommend JPEG, PNG and PDF file extensions.
Phone Refers to the phone number of the person responsible for discussing the problem.
  1. When you are done, click Submit. That’s it! You have just registered your need to reach our support team. You will receive a confirmation email.
  2. With the Cancel option, you return to the Tickets home page, also discard any edits.

Severity levels description

Level Demand
General Guidance You have a query or a question about some of the features.
System Impaired Non-critical functions of your application are behaving abnormally or you have an urgent query about development using Azion products.
Production System Impaired Important application functions are compromised or impaired.
Production System Down You are unable to resolve the problem and your business is severely affected. Important application functions are unavailable.
Business-critical System Down You are unable to resolve the problem and your business is at risk. Critical application functions are unavailable.

Question Guide: details that streamline

To speed up your service, provide the following details when opening your ticket. This way, our team will be able to track what’s going on to resolve the issue more quickly.

Include the following information where possible:

  • the URL of your settings on the Azion system that is having problems;
  • what behavior is expected and what is wrong;
  • under what conditions the problem occurs: browser, application, operating system, Internet service provider, type of Internet connection, for example;
  • the step-by-step so that we can reproduce the problem;
  • make sure you are using the same device that is having problems and access the URL https://netinfo.azion.com. Enter the value that appears next to the UUID field.

3. Checking on Open Tickets

Did you submit a ticket in our tool? Learn how to check on your support ticket in the following steps.

  1. Log into the Real-Time Manager. From the top menu, click on the question mark icon (?) and select the Support option from the dropdown menu.
  2. On the Tickets screen, click on Check ticket status from the top menu.

The first time you open a support ticket, you will see the Open or Pending option. You’ll also see All tickets to check on all of them, as well as the Resolved or Closed tickets.

You can also refine your search with the Sorted by option to view the progress of your service by the creation date, the last modification date and status – and still have the possibility of sorting in ascending or descending order.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Open a support ticket.