Azion Marketplace first steps

To access Azion Marketplace, proceed as follows:

  1. Create an Azion account.
  2. Log in to Azion Console.
  3. On the upper-left corner, select the three horizontal lines to open the Products menu.
  4. Select Marketplace.

Now, you can navigate through all the available resources in the Marketplace.

Access Azion Console and select the Start with a template option on the homepage.

This will open the building page where you can select the template you want to start with.

go to templates reference
go to start with a template guide

Access Azion Console and go to Marketplace. To find an integration in Azion Marketplace, you can:

  • Type the name or just a keyword of the integration in the Search box. This will return any integration that matches with the text.
  • Filter them by category, using the filter section, located on the left-side of the Marketplace homepage.
  • Browse through the cards on the screen to find the desired integration.
go to integrations reference
go to install an integration guide