Azion CLI

Azion CLI is an open source command-line interface (CLI) that lets you interact with Azion Edge Platform using a terminal. You can use Azion CLI to:

  • Initialize, build, and deploy edge applications.
  • Create Jamstack applications.
  • Manage the edge applications on the platform.
  • Have a local development server running.
  • Link an existing project to an Azion edge application.

Azion disposes of a set of options to interact with the Azion products, such as:

The Azion CLI is built in Go and interacts with Azion products through the Azion Go SDK.

If you choose the RPM, Dpkg, or apk package manager, go to the releases page and download the desired package.

Choose one of the following options:

Terminal window
sudo rpm -i <downloaded_file>

Every time a new version is released and any Azion command is used, a prompt informs the user about the new version and asks them if they wish to update it or not.

Terminal window
azion --version

The -v or --version option informs which Azion version you’ve currently installed.

Terminal window
azion --debug

The -d or --debug option displays logs at a debug level.

Terminal window
azion --config

The -c or --config option sets the Azion configuration folder for the current command only, without changing persistent settings.

Terminal window
azion --log-level info

The -l or --log-level option informs the level of log to be output. The options are:

  • info (default)
  • error
  • debug
Terminal window
azion --silent

The -s or --silent option silences logs completely. Usually, it’s used for automation purposes.

Terminal window
azion --token your-personal-token

The -t or --token option saves a given personal token locally to authorize CLI commands.

Terminal window
azion --yes

The -y or --yes option answers all yes/no interactions automatically with yes.

The h or --help option displays more information about the azion command.

previous versions of Azion CLI 1.0.0