Azion CLI

Azion CLI is an open source command-line interface (CLI) that lets you interact with Azion Edge Platform using a terminal. You can use Azion CLI to:

  • Initialize, build, and deploy edge applications.
  • Create Jamstack applications.
  • Manage the edge applications on the platform.
  • Have a local development server running.
  • Link an existing project to an Azion edge application.

Azion disposes of a set of options to interact with the Azion products, such as:

The Azion CLI is built in Go and interacts with Azion products through the Azion Go SDK.

Installing Azion CLI


If you choose the RPM, Dpkg, or apk package manager, or the .deb file, go to the releases page and download the desired package.

Choose one of the following options:

Terminal window
sudo dpkg -i <downloaded_file>

Web frameworks

The CLI works together with an open-source framework adapter called Vulcan. Vulcan adapts a variety of web frameworks to run on the edge of the network.

Azion employs the terminology compute and deliver to describe the operational modes of applications within its framework:

ComputeDesigned for applications that require computational processing at the Edge, whether it’s for Front-End Server-Side Rendering (SSR) or Back-End tasks. In Compute Mode, Azion enables the execution of code and processing of dynamic content at the Edge to enhance performance and responsiveness.
DeliverTailored for frameworks that primarily focus on handling and routing incoming requests at the Edge, with an emphasis on efficiently serving static files. While applications in Deliver Mode don’t execute dynamic code, they excel in optimizing the delivery of static content to end-users, thereby ensuring smooth and fast content distribution.

The supported frameworks that run static (deliver) applications include:

For applications that require processing on the edge (compute) rather than only delivery of content:

go to Azion and Next.js compatibility docs go to supported Web Frameworks go to supported Web APIs go to node.js support reference

Learn how to install the Azion CLI with a step-by-step tutorial. Watch now on Azion’s YouTube channel.