How to use Grafana with best practices

The Azion data source plugin on Grafana allows you to customize dashboards with your Azion data.

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While using Grafana, there are a few best practices you can rely on:

  • To use a time series graph, you must inform a timestamp on the Time path field. It must be used in ISO8601 format or a configurable custom format.
  • To aggregate data into multiple data points, you must use the Group by field. To use a time series graph, you must use this field.
  • Nested objects are flattened with underscores.
  • While using Grafana variables, replace them directly in the query’s field.
  • To configure or change a name of a field shown in the legend, use the Alias by field: substitute $field_<> with the values for the field; substitute $fieldName with a name for the field.
  • Use annotations to mark points on a graph.
  • Use the dashboard’s time range to explore and analyze your data.

Find more details in the Grafana documentation.