Analyze logs

Real-Time Events allows you to query and analyze raw logs in real time. Each data source exhibits detailed information for logs from events related to access, behavior, and performance of products connected to your edge applications.

Once your applications begin receiving traffic, you’ll be able to diagnose data through Real-Time Events.

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To start generating data and diagnose your logs:

  • Build an edge application: create an edge application and, optionally, configure domains and modules, in addition to edge functions.
  • Secure an edge application with WAF: use Edge Firewall and the Web Application Firewall (WAF) module to protect your applications against threats.
  • Configure a stream: create and configure a stream and choose variables to stream your data to other platforms.
  • Collect navigation data: use Edge Pulse to collect navigation data through your browser pages.
  • Understand logs: after creating your edge application and configuring other products, understand how to analyze the logs exhibited on Real-Time Events.
  • Add filters: set filters to query more accurate results in your log inspection on Real-Time Events.