How to select variables on Data Stream

The data streamed by Data Stream to your configured connectors is decided according to the variables you choose to use. Each variable provides a specific information or set of information and is associated with a specific data source.

You can find all available variables, their descriptions, and examples in the data source reference.

You have the option of using a pre-set template, with an option for each available data source, or using a custom template, so you can decide which variables will be streamed.

If you’re configuring a connector to receive as much information as possible from, for example, an edge application, using a pre-set template could be the best choice. In this case, you’ll use the Edge Applications + WAF Event Collector template via Azion Console or the http template via API.

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If you’re configuring a connector with a specific purpose, such as, for example, analyzing logs related to the status of your edge application, you can configure:

  • A custom template via Azion Console, by editing the selected Data Set.
  • A Custom Template via Real-Time Manager.
  • A temaplate_model via API.

Creating a customizable template allows you to choose from the list of available variables the ones you want to use.

In this case, you could use, for example, the variables $status, $proxy_status, and $upstream_status. You’ll also be able to edit the stream and add new variables if you find they aren’t providing all the information you require.

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