Data Stream - Available With Data Sampling

The data flow allows SIEM to feed, Big Data and stream processing platforms with real-time data from its content and forms.

Henrique Santos - Product Manager
Data Stream - Available With Data Sampling

Data Stream allows our clients to feed SIEM, Big Data, and stream processing platforms with real-time data from their content and applications.

By client request, we’re providing Early Access to the Sampling feature on our Data Stream product. Sampling enables you to configure the percentage of data that you want to receive on your platform, decreasing traffic volume and, therefore, your infrastructure costs.

We are excited to make this new feature available, as it will enable new use cases based on data sampling analysis. Now, customers without a robust infrastructure can take advantage of Data Stream and start the behavior analysis needed to gain insights for business decisions.

Early Access invitation

Are you interested in trying out our new Sampling feature? Sign up for Early Access.

As a participant in our Early Access program, you can help the feature’s advancement by giving us your feedback. Your opinion is essential to improve its already existing possibilities.

At this stage, we recommend usage in non-critical workloads, experiments, and proofs of concept. Soon, we will move to the General Availability stage and make the feature available to our entire base.

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